Best Waterproof Work Boots for Men

If you work outdoors, waterproof boots are an obvious choice. Working in the fresh air is great, working with wet feet, however, not so much.

Chances are, you’ll also want a safety toe, a slip resistant sole, and most importantly, a comfortable fit.

Should you find yourself on the look out for the best waterproof work boots, here are my top three picks for 2014.

Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Steel Toe Waterproof Boot

Caterpillar Mens DiagnosticFirst off, we have the always popular Caterpillar brand and their Men’s Diagnostic boot. Available both with and without a steel toe, it’s a highly functional boot that can protect you from more than just water.

Each pair comes complete with 200 grams of thermal insulation making it the perfect choice for colder climates.

Waterproofing, on the other hand, is provided by a nylon mesh lining and full grain leather uppers. The two combine to promise dry feet under up to four inches of water.

In terms of comfort, the Men’s Diagnostic line also scores highly. Even a quick glance at customer reviews online will show plenty of happy customers praising its comfort levels.

Each boot is designed to support the natural movement of your foot. This involves a contour sole that’s ergonomically curved for maximum shock protection. The 6 inch shaft is also generously padded. And if you’re interested in the steel toe version, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s barely noticeable.

In terms of style, the Men’s Diagnostic boot is surprisingly sporty. They’re a good choice for anyone looking for a low key work boot that won’t look out of place in a bar after work.

As well as the possibility of a steel toe, the Men’s Diagnostic line is electrical hazard approved and the soles are slip, water, heat and abrasion resistant.

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Timberland Pro Men’s 26078 Titan 6″ Waterproof Work Boot

timberland titanFirst introduced almost 30 years ago, the Titan 26078’s is one of the most reliable work boots on the market. Despite its age, it’s a regular member of Amazon’s bestsellers list and after a few days wear, it’s not difficult to see why.

In a similar fashion to the Men’s Diagnostic boot, there’s no elongated break in period, these boots are good to wear from the day that you get them.

The optional safety toe is made from an aluminium alloy which basically offers all the strength of steel but at half the weight. Further safety can be found in the fact that the soles are oil, slip and abrasion resistant.

Arguably the most impressive feature of the Men’s 26087’s is just how long lasting they are. There are multiple reports online of them lasting well over two years of continuous wear. And this is a pretty impressive claim considering the beating that work boots tend to take.

Another thing that I like about the Titans, and Timberland boots in general, is that they come with a 30 day money back guarantee. This not only gives you quite a long time to try them out, I think it also shows the confidence that Timberland has in their product line.

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Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer 6″Contour Welt Waterproof Boot

mens buccanneerThe final boot to make the list is the Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer. Wolverine have long been famous for the comfort of their boots and the Buccaneer is no exception.

Like most of Wolverine product line, each pair comes complete with the Multishox comfort system. This consists of individual pressure pads on the outer sole designed to reduce the shocks absorbed when walking on hard surfaces.

These pads are then combined with a flexible contour welt that’s designed to offer the flexibility of an athletic shoe with the durability of a boot.

One downside of the Men’s Buccaneer is that they don’t come with a safety toe option. So if a safety toe is on your requirement list, you’ll have to look elsewhere. If not, they make for an excellent purchase.

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