Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Work Boot Review

Caterpillar Mens DiagnosticCaterpillar have been around for decades now and I’ve been a big fan of their products for quite some time. My latest Cat purchase, was the Men’s Diagnostic work boot about ten months ago. Here’s all that you need to know.


Made primarily from full grain leather, the Men’s Diagnostic is a low key boot that looks just as good after work as it does during. Personally, I usually prefer a more modern style such as the Keen Tacoma but I have to admit that these boots do go with just about anything.

One complaint that I do have is that they only come in one color. Why not give people more of a choice?


The Men’s Diagnostic line is equipped with Cats Ergo Comfort System. Apparently, this means that each pair is specifically designed to match the natural shape and movement of your feet. All I know is that they feel great to wear and the visible contours do appear to offer support in all the right places.

I was particularly impressed with the break in period, or should I say, lack thereof. These boots are good the day you get them. I wore mine to work after just two days wear and I experienced none of the pains usually associated with a new pair of boots.

One downside of these boots is that they are a little on the heavy side. And while you’re unlikely to notice this first thing in the morning, after a long day on your feet, you certainly will. Despite being ridiculously comfortable, taking them off in the evening can seem like something of a relief.


Available both with and without a steel toe, the Men’s Diagnostic line has a slip resistant sole that’s designed for both oil spill and water. They’re also waterproof from heel to toe keeping your feet dry in anything short of a flood. Being a ten inch boot rather than a six inch, the Diagnostic line also offers moderate ankle protection.

Each pair also has 200 grams of thermal insulation to keep your feet warm in freezing temperatures. Personally, I don’t live anywhere this severe but multiple customer reviews on Amazon have confirmed the materials effectiveness.


I’ve now owned these boots for almost a year and despite heavy use, they’re still going strong. Don’t get me wrong, they’re scuffed and stained. But they are showing no signs of breaking up whatsoever. The sole is still showing no sign of wear and the stitched seams remain pleasingly intact. A click look through customer reviews shows that this is far from an isolated case.


Overall, Caterpillar boots are rarely a poor purchase and their Men’s Diagnostic line is no exception. They’re certainly not the lightest boots on the market but they might well be one of the most comfortable. And if you can grab them for $100 on sale, they’re probably one of the best value too.

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