Caterpillar Streamline Comp Toe Running Shoe Review

Caterpillar StreamlineOne of Caterpillars more interesting products, the Streamline Comp Toe promises the flexibility of a running shoe with the all-round protection of a boot. This is a combination that many manufacturers have failed to get right in the past.

But I’m pleased to report that Caterpillar have certainly made a respectable attempt. Are they the right shoes for you? Read on to find out.


The first thing that you’ll notice about the Streamline is that they do indeed look and feel like running shoes. The sole, while a little thin for my liking, is both light and flexible. The upper is made from a combination of nylon and mesh allowing plenty of air to circulate.

The break in period, as you’d expect, is pretty much non existent. I’ve worn the Streamline for approximately one week so far and I found them to be very comfortable albeit a little tight at the top.

Because of this I’d recommend buying them at least half a size up. And if you have particularly wide feet, I’d actually advise avoiding them altogether.

Aside from the tightness at the top however, they’re ideal shoes for being on your feet all day. As the working day continues, you really start to notice and appreciate just how flexible and breathable they are compared to regular work boots.

Safety Features

The composite toe feels solid and each pair is also equipped with electrical hazard protection. When combined with the non slip sole, you have a pair of shoes that will serve you well in most working environments.

The only thing that they’re missing is a puncture resistant sole but realistically that would have added so much weight that it wouldn’t have been practical.


In terms of style, the Streamline boots are certainly interesting looking. The mesh lining gives them a suitably athletic appearance. And this is complemented by the eye catching Cat logo at the end.

They come in a choice of four different colours from low key matt black to neon blue. Personally, I hate the latter but that’s more of a personal preference than anything else.


As I mentioned above, I haven’t worn these boots so long so judging durability isn’t really possible at this time. Caterpillar are well known for the durability of their footwear however. And the boots do feel very well made. I’ll update this review in a couple of months when I know more.


Customer reviews for the Streamline are generally positive. At the time of writing, they’ve been reviewed 42 times on Amazon for an average score of 3.9 out of 5. The primary complaint appears to be the aforementioned lack of toe space so again, make sure that you shop accordingly.


There aren’t many boots like this one currently the market. And out of them, this is probably the best. If you want protective footwear but you don’t want to spend your day walking around in boots, they should make for an excellent purchase.

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