Keen Utility Men’s Destin Low Work Shoe Review

Keen DestinEver since I purchased my first pair, I’ve been a big fan of Keen. They make high quality footwear, sell it for a reasonable price, and more importantly, some of their boots are some of the most comfortable that I’ve ever worn.

Today, I’ll be talking about the low cut Men’s Destin. These are a pretty interesting pair of shoes because while offering absolutely no ankle protection, they come equipped with a full size steel toe.

They therefore might make for an ideal purchase for anybody who wants to abide by safety regulations without lugging around a heavy pair of boots all day.

As always, I’ll start with the all important comfort levels.


Before I begin, I should probably mention that I spend most of my time in full on work boots i.e. shoes that weigh at twice as much these. A certain amount of bias is therefore largely unavoidable. That disclaimer aside, first impressions of the Destin were very positive.

Like all low cut shoes, they slip on and off with little more than a light tug. Not a big deal in the morning, quite a relief after a ten hour shift. Break in period is equally pleasant in that it doesn’t exist.

The presence of a steel toe means that these boots aren’t quite as light as they look. But steel toe shoes never are, and these are probably about as light as you’re going to get if you need one.

One thing that I didn’t like is the sole. It’s easily one of the thinnest that I’ve ever come across. The upside of this is that these shoes are very flexible. The downside is that they offer very little impact protection or arch support.

The foot-bed is removable and it can be replaced to add depth. But personally, I think that if you work long hours on hard surfaces, I’d just go with something else.

Other than that, I found them to more than live up to the Keen name in terms of comfort.


Needless to say, ankle protection is non existent and if you step on a nail, you might as well be wearing slippers. The steel toe however completely meets all safety standards and the non slip sole lives up it’s name. In other words, they offer all the protection you need for any jobs that don’t involve sharp objects.


Aside from the Keen name, style was what originally peaked my interested in these shoes and I’m happy to report that they look great. I purchased the brown version in the hope of wearing them at the weekend and they go with just about everything. The various shades work well together and the Keen logo is visible but not tacky. They also come in black in case you’re looking for something a little more formal.


I’ve only owned them a month but so far so good. I appear to be very well made, they’re made by Keen and I could only find one customer review that claimed durability issues. Overall, I can only guesstimate but I reckon they’ll last at least a year.


Reviews for the Men’s Dentin were generally positive but certainly not universally so. At the time of writing, they’ve been reviewed almost 50 times for an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. The most popular features were comfort and general Keen quality. The primary sources of complaint however, were the aforementioned thin sole and that a few people found them to be a poor fit. Personally, mine fit like a glove but I definitely agree with the thin sole issue.


If it wasn’t for the thin sole, these shoes would have my full recommendation. It’s not easy to find low cut work shoes that are both stylish and steel toed. I also have to admit that they are very well made. Sadly, the thin sole and apparent sizing issues, means that they should probably be approached with caution i.e. try them on before you buy. In saying that, I have decided to keep mine.

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