Keen Utility Tacoma Work Boot Review

keen tacomaKeens latest work boot, the Men’s Tacoma promises superior comfort and a cleverly designed ultra light safety toe.

I purchased my pair just over a month ago and I gotta say there’s a lot to love about them.

I’ll start with the all important comfort levels.


The first time I wore these boots, I was questioning my purchase within minutes. They have a serious break in period, think two weeks of continuous wear, before they begin to mold to your feet. Don’t make the same mistake I made of wearing them to work when you first get them.

Thankfully, once they do break in, they score full marks in comfort. They offer excellent support and the soles are more than thick enough for wear on concrete floors. I personally purchased the safety toe version and it’s not even noticeable.


Each boot has a slip resistant sole that’s resistant to both oil and water. Arguably the most interesting safety feature of the Tacoma line is the optional safety toe. It’s made from a synthetic alloy rather than steel. It’s also cut at an angle so as to reduce weight while still protecting all five toes. The result is a boot that has all of the protection of a steel toe boot but none of the weight.

The Tacoma line is also completely water proof and unlike some “water proof boots”, you can literally spend all day standing in a puddle without getting wet. I know this because I’ve been deliberately stepping in puddles since I got them just to test them out.


In terms of durability, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Keens products and their Tacoma line is no exception. They have a customer rating of 4.5/5 on with at least two customer reviews stating that they’ve lasted over a year despite daily use. I’ve yet to own my pair for more than a month so I will update this post when I know for sure. My first impressions however do seem to line up with what I’ve read.


Your opinion of these boots is likely to depend largely on how you feel about the bright yellow markings. Personally, I think they look great and they’re definitely unique. Unfortunately, they also make the boots clearly designed for the work place. And as such, if you’re looking for a pair of boots to wear at the weekend too, you might want to look elsewhere.


At just under a $100 right now, they make for an excellent value purchase that’s likely to see you through at least a year of heavy wear. Even when they’re not on sale, the $160 price tag is still more than reasonable. They’re the first Keen boots that I’ve purchased but they’re certainly not going to be the last. Stay tuned for an in depth review of their Pittsburgh line.

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