Kingshow M0705 Snow Boot Review

Kingshow M0705For some, Winter means nothing more than a temporary drop in temperature. For others, however, it means working around mountains of snow.

For the former, standard work boots will do. For the latter, however, it’s probably worth looking for something with a little more waterproofing. One such example, is the boot to the right.

The M0705‘s are made from a brand that I’ve heard of. But they’re stylish. And some sizes are on the market for less than $40.

Personally, I generally avoid cheap boots. I’ve tested multiple pairs and have rarely felt that the financial saving was worth the discomfort. But in this case, I was surprised to find that the low, low price was matched with a high, high customer rating.

This in turn lead to an impulse purchase and as a result here is my surprisingly positive review.


Having never heard of Kingshow, I put them on not really sure what to expect. I was surprised to find that while they were clearly no match for a pair of Caterpillar boots, they were well above what I’d expect for the price.

The fit was pretty much spot on. The break in period was non-existent. Despite being well insulated, they remain light on your feet. And I also liked the 1.5 inch heel which is generally a sign of being concrete friendly.

Unfortunately, over the course of a 12 hour shift, the difference between these and something more expensive, does become apparent. The sole is a little on thin side, this results in a lack of shock absorption and this in turn results in aching feet at the end of a long enough shift.

This renders them unsuitable for me personally. But I’d still recommend them for those who work on softer surfaces, or even harder surfaces provided your shifts max out at 8 hours. For $40, I was still impressed.

Safety Features

Safety features consist solely of being slip resistant on oil and water. In other words, they simply weren’t designed for use in the work place. There’s no safety toe and no electrical hazard protection. Deal breaker for some, irrelevant for others. These are boots for people who work in the cold and wet, not around heavy objects.


Call something a snow boot and it really needs to do a decent job at keeping your feet warm and dry. Thankfully, this is something that Kingshow have definitely gotten right. I haven’t tested them in the harshest of climates yet. But I have used them as described i.e. in the snow on a cold day. The result was dry feet. The result was warm feet. The result was you can’t really ask for anything more.


The M0705’s are available in two different styles. And I personally opted for the brown.Thanks to the white line, they go with just about everything. They’re unique looking without being truly eye catching. And they’re the kind of boots that you could easily wear at the weekend.

Thankfully, they also don’t look like cheap boots. If anything, they look suspiciously expensive. I’m not joking when I say that you could easily put these next to a pair of $100+ boots and not be able to guess which pair cost the most.


No idea so I’ll keep this short. Aside from the limited sole, they appear surprisingly well made. Some customer reviews complain about durability but they are very much in the minority. It’s also worth mentioning that even six months wear is reasonable for a $40 boot.

Customer Reviews

As mentioned previously, this is what peaked my curiosity. At the time of writing, they’ve been rated just over 200 times for an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. Considering the price, this is a pretty impressive score. Granted multiple reviews did include a variation of the term “good for the money”. But there is plenty of praise for comfort levels too which I semi agree with.


In terms of value, the M0705‘s score full marks. If you’re on a tight budget, they’re an excellent buy. The same applies if you just need something to you through the cold season.

Unfortunately, safety features are minimal to say the least. And while not uncomfortable, they’re not suitable for long hours on hard surfaces.

Personally, I’ll be sticking to the likes of Cat and Keen for now. But I can definitely see a market for these if you fit the profile i.e. you need protection from the elements and nothing else.

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