Original SWAT Men’s Classic Tactical Boot Review

Original SWAT ClassicTactical boots obviously aren’t designed to be worn in the average workplace. They are however designed to be highly durable, reasonably protective, and comfortable for standing on your feet all day. For these reasons, they are growing increasingly popular for the working man.

In the past, I’ve reviewed two tactical boots, both of which scored very highly. Today I’ll be talking about the S.W.A.T. Men’s Classic which are similar but a whole lot more stylish.


First off, there’s zero break in period. Get the right size, wear the right socks, and you’re good to go from day one. The last boots that I tested were a pair of Timberland’s and the difference is like night and day.

Another thing that I was surprised by was the weight. Appearances can definitely be deceiving, despite the high cut, these boots are light.

Despite not being designed for the purpose, they work well on concrete floors. This is largely the result of the custom molded EVA mid sole (commonly found in standard work boots).

Combine this with their weight and you have a pair of boots that are ideal for those dreaded 8 hour plus shifts, regardless of the surface you find yourself on.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of 9 inch boots but the padding on the upper is soft and flexible enough that even I couldn’t complain.

Safety Features

These boots come with a choice of soft or steel toe. They are also equipped with both electrical hazard protection and slip resistance. Both of which meet their respective ASTM Test standards. In other words, tactical boots or not, they have every almost every safety feature that a working man could need.

The slip resistance in particular is one of the best that I’ve experienced, they grip pretty much anything. It is worth noting however, that while 9 inches in length, they offer little to no ankle protection given the soft material of the upper. Don’t even think about wearing them on the rail road.


These boots are designed to be breathable. As a result, don’t expect too much insulation regardless of the high cut. Personally, this is a plus given the current season where I live but if you live somewhere colder, don’t expect warm feet.

Waterproofing is good for about two inches or light rain. Anything more than that and you can expect wet feet. Again, it all depends on the conditions in which you work.


I personally purchased the black version because I didn’t want something that screamed military or police etc. I was pleased with my choice as they don’t stand out too much. Cover the top with jeans in fact and they look like standard work boots. I also like the leather seems surprisingly scuff proof. And while the acrylic does get dirty easily, it remains easy to clean. In other words, full marks, at least for the black version.


At the time of writing, the Men’s Classic (soft toe version) have been reviewed just shy of 200 times for an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. This is basically the result of universal acclaim. The primary compliments repeated are that of comfort, durability and ease of clean. The primary complaint strangely enough is that of sizing with multiple recommendations of going one size up.

It is worth noting however that the majority of reviews don’t appear to be written by those wearing them at work. Multiple mentions are made of hiking, running, and full on military use. Whether this makes the score more credible or not, I’m not sure.


Based on the reviews, the solid construction, high quality materials and my own limited experience, I would expect these boots to last at least a year if not two. And with many sizes available at sub $100 price points, that’s pretty much all that you can ask for.


This is the third tactical boot that I’ve reviewed for work purposes and like the previous two, the Men’s Classic get my full recommendation. Don’t be put off by their tactical nature. Get the steel toe version and you have everything you need in a work boot. In other words, if you’re happy with the high cut, they make for an excellent purchase. Expect more reviews of tactical boots in the future.

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