Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Work Boot Review

red wing heritageRed Wing boots consistently rank as some of the most comfortable on the market. Unfortunately, they also rank as some of the most expensive. So, is the Men’s Classic worth two hundred dollars plus? Read on to find out.


Available in four different colors, the Men’s Classic is a seriously stylish boot. I’ve read that they’re a popular choice in the corporate world and this doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’ve worn mine at the weekend countless times and they look just as good in a bar as they do on a construction site. Contrary to popular belief, this is something that surprisingly few work boots manage to pull off.


If there’s one thing that Red Wing get right consistently, it’s producing long lasting products. The contour welt construction, triple stitched seems and top quality leather ensure that you’ll be wearing these boots for at least a year before you begin to see any kind of wear. Some customer reviews even claim two years of regular wear.


Red Wing are famous for the toughness of their shoes, and the Men’s Classic is no exception. Unfortunately, tough soles come with a tough break in period. Expect painful feet for the first twenty hours wear. And spend that time at work only if you’re crazy.

The good news is that once the break in period is over, you are left with a boot that’s literally molded to your feet’s unique shape. This not only means high levels of comfort, it makes near perfect impact absorption. In other words, these boots are ideal for use on concrete floors.

Overall, they score full marks in the comfort department but don’t underestimate the length of the break in period.


If you’re looking for a boot to protect you from on the job dangers, these are not the boots for you. They don’t have steel toes, the soles aren’t slip resistant, and there’s no wedge whatsoever for use on ladders.

These boots are indeed designed for people who spend all day standing but not for people who stand in dangerous environments. If you’re looking for a more protective boot, here are a few better choices.

Customer Reviews

Like most Red Wing products, the Men’s Classic line are well rated on Amazon with an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5.  Multiple reviews claim long term wear of past twelve months. And while the break in period is decidedly unpopular, they’re considered by most to be comfortable overall.


With most sizes clocking in at around 200 dollars, there are certainly cheaper options out there. Like most things however, when it comes to work boots you get what you pay for. And with the Men’s Heritage line, you are paying extra for triple stitched seems, gorgeous leather and near perfect durability. If you’re happy to pay it, they’re well worth their price.

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