Skechers 76852 Constructor Sneaker Review

Skechers 76852So far, I’ve tested 3 Skechers work shoes for this blog with somewhat mixed results. By mixed, I mean that two were great but the last was one of the worst shoes that I’ve ever worn.

Today, I’ll be talking about the 76852 Constructor.

I’ve decided to give Skechers another try because quite frankly some sizes are an absolute bargain, they seem ideal for Summer wear and the customer reviews suggest a more positive experience than my last.


First off, there is a bit of a break in period. Not a lot, but it’s the first time that I’ve tried a pair of sneakers and actually found them a bit stiff. I therefore recommend at least a day or two of light wear before heading off to work.

After that, there is a lot to like. Despite the low price, they’re equipped with an EVA mid sole. This results in decent levels of shock absorption but not quite the same level found in more expensive shoes.

Apparently the mid sole has also been designed to mimic athletic shoes and I have to agree. Arch support is easily on par with shoes twice the price.

One thing worth noting is that they are significantly heavier than they look. This is a problem that probably could have been solved with material changes or by swapping the steel toe for a composite.

Overall, they’re a lot more comfortable than I expected. And if it wasn’t for the surprising weight, they’d be very tough to fault.


Despite not look particularly work safe, the Constructor is equipped with all the safety features that you could want. There’s an ATSM standard steel toe, full electrical hazard protection, and slip resistance against both oil and water. In other words, they’re a sneaker with all the safety features of a work boot (not counting ankle protection, obviously).


These shoes are advertised as being breathable but realistically there’s simply too much leather and too little mesh to live up to that claim. Thanks to the low cut, these shoes are still good for Summer but only if you live somewhere with a relatively moderate climate. Waterproofing isn’t particularly strong either. The odd puddle or light rain will be fine. But if you’re expecting anything more than that, look elsewhere.


For the price, they’re a surprisingly stylish pair of shoes. The shade of brown goes with pretty much everything. And the red laces are a nice touch without being overly eye catching. In other words, these are shoes that can be worn in just about any environment. One customer review even mentioned business casual and I have to agree. Speaking of customer reviews…

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, the Constructor series have been reviewed over 120 times for an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. That’s a pretty solid rating for a work shoe in this price range and I think it’s about right. The most popular feature is general comfort levels. The most common complaint, on the other hand, is the weight. There were also a few durability complaints but not enough for me to be concerned.


Thanks to a very favorable comfort to price ratio, the Constructor gets my full recommendation for budget conscious shoppers. The low price is nowhere to be seen in the aesthetics department. And absolutely no sacrifices have been made in terms of safety features. Just keep in mind that while they may look like sneakers, they weigh almost twice as much.

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