Skechers 77001 Work Shoe Review

Skechers 77001This month, I decided to test two Skechers shoes that are designed for the workplace. The primary reason being that they’re one of the few brands that I’ve yet to review for this site.

I chose the first pair (the 77009) because they were ridiculously stylish. You can find the (very positive) review here.

I bought the 77001 solely based of the customer reviews. 41% of buyers gave them 1 star out of 5. And to be honest, rarely have I seen such scorn towards an article of clothing.

This was made especially surprising given the fact that Skechers are a pretty reputable brand.

Are the 77001‘s really that bad? In a word, yes. But do keep reading if you’re bored.


My first impressions of the 77001 actually weren’t particularly bad. The fit pretty much as expected and the soft uppers and sole meant zero break in period. I therefore felt confident enough to wear them to work.

This was a mistake. And it only took about three hours on my feet to realize that fact. Perhaps if you work in an office, this won’t be a problem. But personally, I spend at least 8 hours on my feet. It only took three for me to start experiencing heel pain.

And the reason for this is simple, they have the opposite of shock absorption. You literally might as well be walking around barefoot. And for a work shoe that’s one of the biggest deal breakers that you can have.

Safety Features

Safety features on the 77001 shoe are non existent. No steel toe or puncture protection was promised so I have no complaint there. But one thing that was promised was a slip resistant sole. It’s in the title of the shoe. It’s in the product description of the shoe. But it’s nowhere to be found in the actual shoe.

In fact, I’d almost argue that these shoes actively encourage you to slip.


The only thing that I can’t really complain about is that the shoes do pretty much look as advertised. They’re black, sleek and nondescript. They go with just about everything and they don’t look as cheap as they clearly are.


I threw these shoes away the day I got them. I’ll let the customer reviews be the judge.

As mentioned previously, I bought these shoes in part because of the negative reviews. At the time of writing, they’ve been reviewed 71 times for an average score of 2.7 stars out of 5. It mightn’t sound it but this is a very low score for a product with no moving parts. In fact, it’s the lowest score of any shoe that I’ve ever tested.

Primary complaints include well, pretty much everything. Oh and on the first page of reviews alone, you can find the words “worst work shoe” mentioned no less than 3 times. My favorite comment however was “Don’t buy them if you plan on wearing them”. This pretty much sums up my assessment perfectly.


There’s only one good reason to buy these shoes. You currently have no shoes. You need to go outside. And these are the only shoes available both online and off.

The non slip soles seem to actively encourage slipping. They make long shifts unbearable thanks to the complete absence of shock absorption. They offer absolutely no protection whatsoever. And according to the customer reviews, if you’re crazy enough to wear them longer than a month, they’ll fall apart.

I’m not even going to leave a link to Amazon.