Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Work Boot Review

Thorogood Men's American HeritageThorogood are no stranger to top quality work boots but in terms of style, my favorite boot has to be the Men’s American Heritage. Made from ultra durable tobacco tanned leather, they’re perfect for both working on concrete floors and hitting the town afterwards. I’ve had mine for just over three months now and here’s what I think so far.

Safety Features

The Men’s Heritage line is available both with and without a safety toe. I personally ordered the former and was pleased to discover that’s it’s barely noticeable in terms of both fit and weight.

The soles are slip resistant to both oil and water. And although I haven’t tested it anything other than a small puddle, the leather is completely waterproof.


The Goodyear welt construction means that each sole is stitched rather than glued to the upper boot. This tends to lead to boots that last significantly longer and so far, this appears to be the case.

Multiple customer reviews online appear to agree with my initial (three months wear) estimation.


In terms of break in period, these boots are about average. I wouldn’t wear them to work the day you get them but within a couple of days of light use, you’re good to go.

After the break in period, you can expect excellent comfort levels. Each boot has a removable shock absorption insert which makes them ideal for long days on concrete floors.

One thing that might put some people off is that they’re not the warmest boots I’ve ever worn. Therefore if you’re looking for a solid pair of Winter boots, you might want to look elsewhere. On a hot day however, their perfect.

In terms of size, I purchased mine half a size down and they fit perfectly. I wouldn’t recommend going any lower than that unless you plan on skipping socks.


Arguably the most impressive feature of these boots is how they look. I love the tobacco tanned leather and have found that they go nicely with just about any pair of jeans. Despite the presence of the safety toe, they look great in formal environments too.

Personally, I didn’t like the small American flag on the side so I removed it. This was surprisingly easy to do and left zero damage to the rest of the boot.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for the Men’s Heritage line are almost universally positive. The version that I purchased scored a respectable 4.6 out of 5 with some other variations scoring as high as 4.9.

Multiple reviews have claimed up to a year of regular wear with little to no durability issues. I’m also not the only person in love the tobacco tanned leather.


Overall, Thorogoods Men’s Heritage line have the style and durability of Red Wing boots without the Red Wing price tag.  For an American made boot, this is nothing if not impressive. And if you’re looking for a pair of boots that are just as stylish as they are protective, I think they make for an excellent purchase. 

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