Timberland Men’s Direct Attach Work Boot Review

Timberland Direct AttachWith Winter fast approaching, if you’re on the market for work boots, you’ll want a pair that are well insulated. There’s certainly no shortage of options but today I’ll be talking about the Timberland Direct Attach series.

Ankle high and built with no less than 400 grams of Thermalite, they’re easily one of the warmest boots currently on the market. And in my time wearing them, I’ve learned that that’s just one of their selling points.


Given the tough nature of these boots, I was expecting quite the break in period. Thankfully, I was proven wrong almost immediately. I spent approximately an hour walking around the house and they were pretty much good to go then and there.

They fit almost exactly as expected and the comfort insole more than lives up to its name. They come complete with Timberlands PRO 24/7 Comfort Suspension System.

Basically this means that they are designed to prevent foot fatigue by absorbing as much ground shock as possible. The result is a boot that can be comfortably worn during a long day on your feet.

The one complaint that I do have is that they are a little bit heavy. Considering the ankle protection, toe protection and heaps of insulation, however, this is largely unavoidable.


The Direct Attach score full marks for insulation and will easily keep your feet warm regardless of what the conditions. Each pair is equipped with 400 grams of Thermalite and the uppers wrap snugly around the ankle.

If anything, these boots are a little too warm and probably unsuitable for anyone who spends a large part of their day working indoors.


In terms of safety, the Direct Attach come with pretty much everything that you could want. They steel tip protects your toes, the rubber, oil resistant sole provides a decent level of grip, and they have full electrical hazard protection.


The Direct Attach Series are advertised as being waterproof straight out of the box. Prior to purchasing however, I had read a few complaints about leaks. And I therefore treated my pair with SNOW SEAL before testing them.

With this treatment, they’re perfect. I’ve walked in everything short of a river and my socks have remained dry at all times. Without this treatment however, I cannot really comment except to say that complaints of leaks are not uncommon.

Luckily, SNOW SEAL isn’t expensive and won’t add much to the purchase price.


Unlike some Timberland boots, the Direct Attach series are clearly built to last. The leather uppers are tough. The rubber outsoles are rugged and non marking. And both have been connected with direct inject construction.

The result is a boot that you can expect to get at least two years wear out of. I’m currently only on year one but all signs point to a long lasting product.


Like most Timberland boots, the Direct Attach look tough and low key. The shade of leather goes well with just about everything. And the visible stitching around the ankle demonstrates the boots high quality build. Overall, very little not to like.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for the Direct Attach are generally positive. At the time of writing, they’ve been reviewed on Amazon 85 times for an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Multiple reviews have praised them in terms of fit, comfort and durability. Some reviews complained about the waterproofing issue but as I mentioned earlier, this is easily rectified.


If you plan on working outdoors this Winter, the Direct Attach series make for a solid purchase. They’re comfortable, durable, highly protective and provided you treat them first, about as waterproof as you’re going to get.

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