Timberland Men’s Hyperion Work Boot Review

Timberland HyperionLast week, I reviewed the Timberland Powerwelt. They’re a jet black pair of boots that really stood out against the companies otherwise somewhat generic product line. Today, I’ll be talking about a similar pair of boots, the Men’s Hyperion. And once again, they’re anything but generic.

A strange combination of black, red, white and grey, they don’t look anything like the brown Timberland boots of old. And while their name might suggest otherwise, I have to admit that I was more than a little bit skeptical about their waterproofing capabilities.

As always, I’ll start with the fit.


Being a Timberland boot, I wasn’t expecting much of a break in period and I was right. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not ultra comfortable from day one but you won’t be nursing your feet all day either. I recommend one, maybe two, days around the house max before taking them to work.

Like a number of Timberland boots, the Hyperion make use of Timberland’s exclusive Anti Fatigue Technology. This is nowhere near as fancy or as exclusive as it sounds but what can I say, it works. Small rubber cones act as shock absorbers throughout the sole and there’s additional padding at key pressure points.

The result is a boot that’s ideal for those who work long days on their feet, particularly on punishing floor types like concrete. Another major plus in the comfort department is the EVA mid sole. I wouldn’t quite use the word athletic to describe these boots but they are very flexible.

As for fit, I chose the same size as all Timberland boots that I’ve purchased and they fit well. The 83% fit as expected score on Amazon is also nice to see. Finally, the Hyperion come with Timberland’s 30 day money back comfort guarantee.


Some boots just don’t look waterproof and the Hiperion are a perfect example of this. There’s too many different materials stitched together and the white Goretex looks fragile despite it’s reputation. While wearing these boots, I therefore made it a habit to aim for puddles, and I was surprised to learn that they did indeed hold up well in both pot holes and heavy rain. I haven’t tested them in rivers but anything less than that and you should be good to go.


Timberland are generally a sure thing comfort wise. But when it comes to being long lasting, I’ve found them to be something of a hit or a miss. For the Hiperion, however, things are looking good. Multiple customer reviews point to over a year of heavy, heavy wear. And the ever guard leather is well known in the industry for being long lasting. From personal experience, I can’t say much yet. But all signs do point to a long lasting pair of boots.


The Hiperion are an unusual pair of boots and they only come in one color. Personally, they were a little bright for me and I struggled to find a single pair of pants that they didn’t clash with completely in at least one way. Like any pair of boots, however, style is subjective. And if you’re just looking for something comfortable to wear to work, you probably could have just skipped this section anyway.

Customer Reviews

Speaking of customer reviews, they’re good. They’ve been reviewed just shy of 250 times on Amazon for an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. There were a few complaints here and there. But when 85% of reviews rate a product 4 stars or better, you’re generally looking at a quality product. The most popular features as you’d expect are comfort and durability. I was also pleased to report that I’m not the only person who put them through their paces water wise.


Most sizes can be found online for less than $120. Despite the inclusion of a safety toe, they weigh just 1.9 pounds. They’re as comfortable as you’d expect from Timberland. And contrary to appearances, they’ll keep your feet dry regardless of where you happen to find yourself. The only really question is can you find a pair of pants that won’t clash with the odd combination of red, white, black, and grey?

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UPDATE: I recently discovered that these boots come in black with a hint of blue. In other words, they come in a color that might actually look nice with pants. It’s too late for me but if you hate the color in the photo above, be sure to check out the alternative before you buy.