Wolverine Men’s Edge LX Nano Toe Work Boot Review

Wolverine EdgeWolverine have been in the work boot game for over a hundred years now. And like most respectable boot manufacturers, they’ve continued to innovate and refine their products within that time.

Today, I’ll be talking about one of their latest boots, the Men’s Edge LX.

I decided to give them a try them because it contains Wolverines latest innovation, a safety toe made with nanotechnology. This apparently allows for a significant drop in both weight and size.


One of the my favorite things about Wolverine boots is that they rarely have a break in period. The Edge LX is no exception. They’re good to go right out of the box. The fit also seems spot on.

As for the nano toe, it’s nothing special. In fact, it’s only purpose appears to be to make stupid people like me buy the boot out of curiosity.

Yes, it’s lighter and thinner than steel. Yes, that means more room in the toe box. But that’s a characteristic found in all well designed composite toes. So, there’s nothing really innovative about it.

The uppers are made primarily from soft nubuck leather. They’re cut relatively low at the back and the lacing system is adjustable at the top. Throw in mesh panels at the side and you have a very breathable boot despite being waterproof.

The best thing about these boots is the anti fatigue technology at the bottom. Called EPX, it consists of your standard outsole, a stabilizing midsole, a cushioned midsole, and then a footbed with a honeycomb heel.

Different manufacturers take different approaches to keeping your feet happy during long shifts. And the Edge LX is up there with the best of them. Long shifts, concrete floors, uneven surfaces, it handles them all with ease.

All in all, full marks for comfort but zero marks for the fake nanotechnology.

Safety Features

Safety features consist solely of the composite safety toe (ASTM rated) and high visibility tags on the sides. There’s no electrical hazard protection. The heel is too low for safe ladder climbing. And while I found them slip resistant against both oil and water, the manufacturer makes no such promises.


Wolverine wasn’t lying about the boots being waterproof. Despite the presence of mesh panels, the Men’s Edge will keep your feet dry in both rain and 2-3 inches of water. Insulation on the other hand is effected by the mesh panels. These boots are designed to be breathable not to protect your feet against freezing temperatures.


Style wise, they come in 4 different colors. I opted for the black and they have a nice high end, modern appearance. One thing they’re not however, is casual looking i.e. they’re plainly designed for work. So if you’re looking for something to wear at the weekend too, there’s better options out there.

Customer Reviews

First released at the start of the year, customer reviews currently total just 34 on Amazon. They’re currently rated 4.2 stars out of 5 but I expect that to increase as more people weigh in. The most popular features are general comfort, waterproofing and the distinct lack of weight. Negative reviews don’t appear to focus on one particular fault which is usually a good sign.


I haven’t owned this boot long enough to judge. But if there’s one brand that I’ve never had a problem with in this department, it’s Wolverine. That coupled with what appears to be very high quality materials mean that I expect to get at least a year out of this boot. I’ll update this review at a later date.


I tried these boots expecting a brand new take on toe protection. I obviously didn’t get that. What’s left however is a well designed boot that does provide just about everything else.

The anti fatigue technology works as advertised. These boots are lighter than average. And they are one of the few boots that manage to achieve the competing goals of letting your feet breath while still keeping them dry in wet conditions.

In other words, provided they’re not looking for a special safety toe, most people will be happy with their purchase.

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