How To Break In Work Boots

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Breaking in the hunting boots is perhaps one of the most difficult steps to actually using them. You cannot be sure of how much pain you will have to endure. Whereas some of the best hunting boots offer no or very minimal break in period, but they also come with their own set of drawbacks. And if you want to get around those flaws, the break in period increases automatically.

You can choose to skip the break in period, but that will not be very helpful for you. These boots won’t be durable or strong. Thus, they won’t last long. They will give up very quickly and will not stay with you.

It depends on the build, model and the material of the shoes that how much time you will actually need to break in the boots.

Breaking in a boot is like making your feet adapt to the new pair. Good boots that will last long tend to be very stiff. In fact, the people who need a very stiff pair of boots realise their importance. But how to break in these boots? Let us see.

Breaking in Work boots

how to break in hunting boots

Be prepared

Your shoes are going to hurt your feet. You will experience pain. You are going to get blisters. Your feet will ache. But you need to be prepared for that. You have to mentally ready to face all this. And you might not even have to go through all this trauma if you perform the breaking in perfectly. Just follow the steps given here and you will break in the boots in no time.

Wear everyday

July is considered the perfect month to start the process. Wear your boots daily for a few hours. If you can wear them all day without hurting your feet, do it. And once your feet start to hurt, put in some other shoes.

With regular usage, the leather will gradually start to loosen up. But before that, it is your feet that will have to bear the damage. So, put some mole skin on the part of your feet where it is hurting. Make sure the edges are trimmed nicely else it will hurt your feet only. The benefit that you will get is less friction. Thus, the leather of the boots will be pushed when you wear them and not your feet.

Go a little tough

After a session with these boots, it is time to increase the level of the game. You do know that when you are out hunting, you will have to walk, run and hike. You never know what situation you will face and at what moment your feet will be put to what test. Therefore, take out your hunting boots every weekend and try walking up and down the hill. First with no weight, and then gradually start adding weight.

Do not forget the moleskin and if you ever experience a hot spot, do not ignore that. Get it remedied as soon as possible. Sweat, heat, and dampness will add to the pain of it.

Bring socks

Wear socks when you are putting your feet through these rigorous exercises and take an extra pair with you. Change them halfway.

After a few weekends, add weight. One more thing is that no matter how tough your boots are, once you have walked more than 50 miles in them, they are ready to face any sort of scenario. Also, this ensures that the boots last very long. People have reported using their boots for more than 6 years.

So break in your best hunting boots in a stepwise manner and you will have them last long enough.

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