Danner Men’s Tachyon Tactical Boot Review

Danner TachyonAs their name implies, tactical boots are designed for soldiers, or in the very least those who encounter similar conditions on a regular basis. Despite this fact, many make for excellent workplace footwear too.

The logic is simple. Tactical boots need to be comfortable, they need to be protective and they need to have enough shock absorption to keep your heels happy after ten straight hours of walking. In other words, they have very similar requirements to work boots and it should come as no surprise that many manufacturers market the same products to both marks.

Case in point, the Men’s Tachyon by Danner. It’s a high cut, full 8 on inch boot so if that’s a deal breaker, you should probably stop reading now. If that’s what you’re after however, there’s certainly a lot to like


First impressions of the Men’s Tachyon were very positive in three key areas.

  • The break in period, while existent, was small and dare I even say gentle. I made the sometimes risky move of wearing them to work on day one. And while they were a little stiff, I got home pain free. Try that with a pair of Red Wings.
  • The weight, while not light for boots in general, was well below what you’d expect from the 8 inch variety. Therefore if you need ankle protection but don’t want to lug around the weight of ankle protection, this is arguably their primary selling point.
  • The sole has clearly been designed with the standing/walking man in mind. There’s a one inch heel for posture, an open cell polyurethane foot bed for comfort, and an EVA mid sole for shock absorption. In other words they’re ideal for long shifts on hard surfaces.
  • They mightn’t look like work boots (at all), but on your feet, there’s literally no difference. I’m always a little nervous buying boots that aren’t specifically designed for the workplace but that’s not a problem here. They might look like jungle boots but they don’t feel that way.

Safety Features

What might be a very real problem is that being tactical boots, there’s little in the way of toe protection. Soldiers tend to encounter bullets not heavy machinery so if you work around the latter, these will need to be skipped. Electrical hazard protection is missing as is a puncture proof sole. The only real protection that these boots have is that they cover your ankles and are non slip on pretty much everything thanks to the rubber out sole complete with pentagonal lugs.

Insulation and Waterproofing

Another potential pitfall of these boots is that they’re not even remotely waterproof. Step in a few puddles and you might be alright. But get caught in a serious rain storm and your feet will be as wet as your face. This isn’t so much as a design flaw, however, as it is a trade off. The uppers are completely synthetic and this makes them machine washable and very, very fast drying. It’s also what makes these boots so breathable and light. Needless to say these aren’t the kind of boots you want to wear in very cold temperatures either


I’ve generally found that there’s no such thing as a stylish 8 inch work boot and Tachyon are no exception. They come in four different colors but it doesn’t really matter. It also doesn’t matter what pants you wear or how. The fact that you’ve just come home from work (or the war) will always be apparent. For work, they look great, just don’t expect something that you can wear at the weekend if you are even remotely style conscious.

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, the Men’s Tachyon have been reviewed 141 times for a very respectable score of 4.3 stars out of 5. The most popular features by far being comfort levels and weight or lack thereof.

Unfortunately, out of the 20% or so reviews which were negative, almost everybody had the same complaint; namely cheap quality materials that eventually fall apart.

This combined with the fact that they do indeed feel cheaply made, means that I cannot really recommend them despite the fact that I did genuinely enjoy wearing them. It’s also surprising given the fact that Danner describes them as tactical boots.


The Men’s Tachyon are comfortable and far lighter than any 8 inch boot has a right to be. Unfortunately, the aforementioned durability issues means that I can only recommend them if you meet two criteria.

First off, you can buy them for less than a hundred dollars (the price ranges from 60 to 150 based on size). And secondly, you’re not expecting them to last longer than a year.

Meet these two criteria, however, and the superior comfort levels make them well worth considering.

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