Wolverine Men’s Overpass Work Boot Review

Wolverine OverpassWinters coming to an end but for most people, the rainy months aren’t quite over yet. Today, I’ll be reviewing a
waterproof boot by Wolverine, the Men’s Overpass.

The last Wolverine boot that I reviewed for this blog scored high in waterproofing but was ultimately let down by a sub par sole.

How does the Overpass compare?


Open the box and the first thing that you’ll notice about the Overpass is that the color choices made when          designing the boot were poor to say the least. Once you get them on your feet, however, there’s a lot to like immediately.

They fit true to size. Despite the waterproofing, the leather arrives pretty soft and you can wear them the day you get them no break in period required. They’re also a lot lighter than similar work boots at approximately
1.8 pounds a pair dependent on size.

Padding on the uppers is generous and together with the overall shape of the boot, they provide a snug fit particularly around the ankles. The composite toe is based on the brands “Carbon Max” design which is basically a fancy name for being thinner than average. The result is an ultra light safety toe that’s barely noticeable.

The real test obviously comes when you wear them on a long shift and I’m pleased to report that they hold up well.

First off, like many Wolverine boots, there’s a contour welt sole. This greatly increases flexibility and while not quite sneaker like, they come about as close as you’re going to get in a full size boot.

Secondly, the thick PU midsole provides plenty of shock absorption. When combined with the removable Ortholite insole, you have a boot with excellent anti fatigue properties. I’ve had mixed experiences with Wolverine in this department, but these boots easily match Keen in terms of keeping foot fatigue at bay on a long shift.

So as you can probably guess, the Overpass gets full marks in comfort.

Safety Features

Despite the minimal weight, no corners have been cut in terms of safety. Ultra thin or not, the safety toe meets
ASTM standards. They provide electrical hazard protection. And more importantly for most, the PU outsole provides plenty of traction on both wet surfaces and gravel.


If style is something that you care about in a work boot, the Overpass simply isn’t going to cut it. There’s no getting around it, there’s nothing even remotely fashionable about these boots. The brown leather feels high quality but it looks cheap. And the orange stripes and markings seem like they were added as an after thought. Some boots can double as casual wear, these will look completely out of place in any environment that isn’t industrial/construction.

Insulation and Waterproofing

The Overpass comes with or without insulation. I chose the latter and even then, they’re pretty warm. The waterproof leather is supposed to be breathable but air circulation was actually pretty limited. As a result, they’re good for Winter wear but Summer is completely out.

They do, on the other hand, live up to their waterproof label. I wore them in very heavy rain. I stood in ankle deep water for sixty seconds. My socks remained completely dry.

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, the Overpass has only been reviewed 21 times on Amazon but early signs are very positive. They currently rate 4.5 stars out of 5 on average and based on my own experience, I’d be surprised if that drops by much in the future. The most common area of praise is comfort. Nobody else complained about the style. But multiple reviews did agree with me about the distinct lack of air circulation.


If you care about style, you won’t care for these boots. And the distinct lack of air circulation makes them a very poor choice for warm weather wear too. If you can get past these two definite cons however, there’s enough pros to make the Men’s Overpass well worth considering.

Despite a wealth of safety features and genuine waterproofing, they’re almost as flexible as sneakers. They’re low in weight. And they have more than enough shock absorption to keep your feet happy during even the most demanding of shifts.

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