Best Waterproof Boots for Men: Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

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We've all been there! Trying to take a quick stroll down a friendly neighborhood after heavy rain. Or simply going to work during the rainy season. Whichever purpose you have for going out during spring and summer, the type of sneakers, boots, or sandals you put on plays a huge role in how comfortable you are for the rest of the day.

Why? Because generally, sudden rainfall is associated with Spring and summer. This often ranges from a heavy downpour to a long drizzle. Whichever one's the case, you should always be ready to avoid having soggy or rained-soaked shoes. This could mean the difference between having dry shoes and having smelly wet shoes. The good thing is you don't have to compromise on your fashion taste just because you want to avoid getting your shoes wet.

In this case, we have waterproof boots! This type of boot comes in two kinds - Men's and Women's waterproof boots.

For this write-up, we will only focus on the best waterproof boots for men. Here, we will not only showcase the different styles each boot has, but we will also point out their water-resistant capabilities. And in other to help you with making informed decisions if our topics don't sit well with you, we also have a waterproof men's boots buying guide!

Best Waterproof Boots for Men

Best Waterproof Boots for Men
Best Waterproof Boots for Men

Yes, you can protect your leather boots and what have you by not wearing them without compromising in terms of style.

1. NORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Hiking Boots - Link

NORTIV 8 men's hiking boots outdoor mid-term hiking hiking boots waterproof hiking shoes JS19005M-BLACK-SZ-09.5
NORTIV 8 men's hiking boots outdoor mid-term hiking hiking boots waterproof hiking shoes JS19005M-BLACK-SZ-09.5

One thing we particularly love about this NORTIV shoes is that it is not only suitable for hiking. It has a perfect blend of black and grey that makes it a suitable outdoor boot for short treks or even quick outings. Not just that, the boots are also suitable for mountaineering.

Being a three-in-one shoe and relatively affordable, it is safe to say that this shoe checks all the boxes.

The boot has a rubber sole while the upper body is made using soft suede leather. This means it is comfortable to the feet and also durable since the rubber sole has good slip resistance. These soles are also made using Multi-Directional Traction (MDT) which makes them suitable for mountaineering.

Since the boot is water-resistant, you can also wear it while playing games, exercising, or practicing certain hobbies like fishing.

2. QUICKSILK EYUSHIJIA Men's waterproof boots - Link

EYUSHIJIA Men's Waterproof Snow Boots Hiking Boot (9 D(M) US, Dark Gray-Fur Lining)
EYUSHIJIA Men's Waterproof Snow Boots Hiking Boot (9 D(M) US, Dark Gray-Fur Lining)

The first thing you will notice about this boots is that it is made of leather - well, faux leather to be precise. It also comes with a rubber sole for better grip and improved slip resistance.

The boot is suitable not only for your usually hiking and treks, but it is also snow resistant. While this does not make it an essential snowboarding boot, it can still function as your go-to boot when hiking in wet or dry snowy areas.

Although the boot does not have any extra padding, it still manages to keep your feet warm. No padding also means you are guaranteed a durable and lightweight shoe. Even without the padding, the boot has an extremely soft interior and fits well provided you picked the right size for you. Any fear of the shoe being too narrow even when you picked the right size should not be entertained!

One drawback is that the insole is not very thick contrary to how it looks. However, this isn't a general issue and you might even find the soles thick enough for your preference.

3. Caterpillar Men's Threshold Waterproof Boot - Link

Caterpillar Men's Threshold Waterproof Industrial Boot, Brown, 12 M US
Caterpillar Men's Threshold Waterproof Industrial Boot, Brown, 12 M US

This is a classy waterproof boot that even has a pretty similar design to the lumberjack boots.

The first thing you will notice on purchase is that it has a rubber sole. The upper body part of the shoe is made of imported leather and textile.

It has adaptive laces that make tightening the boot to fit snugly on your legs super easy. It has a slip-resistant outsole that is also significantly waterproof. The brand even claims the boots exceed the ASTM standards for boot grip on surfaces with low traction.

It comes in only two leather colors that are brown and black. It is lightweight, easy to put on and remove, and comes with a footbed customarily designed for comfort and durability.

What more? The brand also claims that the boot offers you efficient electrical hazard protection against open circuits that have about 600 volts.

Overall, you can walk, bends, walk through puddles, kick concrete and not be afraid of the boot falling apart!

4. DC Travis Rice BOA Men's Snowboard Boots - Link

DC Travis Rice Dual BOA Snowboard Boot Brown 11.5 D (M)
DC Travis Rice Dual BOA Snowboard Boot Brown 11.5 D (M)

The DC Travis Rice BOA boots are unique to men. It is the only waterproof boot on this list that can serve as a snowboard boot. To be even more precise, it is one of the best snowboard boots out there provided you can get the right size for yourself.

Although it is specifically designed as a responsive boot for constant maneuvering on a snowboard, it does provide a lot of resistance and durability when used as a hiking shoe too.

The boot has a repurposed insole made using recycled EVA. This helps give the boot a stable build even while under constant and demanding handling.

The boot has advanced Aerotech Travis liners which help control the amount of moisture trapped in the boot. This, in other words, help your feet stay warm and dry during a fickle drizzle, heavy downpour, or hike in the snowy terrain.

5. Men's Avenue Duck Boot - Link

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Avenue Duck Boot, Tan/Brown, 12
Sperry Top-Sider Men's Avenue Duck Boot, Tan/Brown, 12

Last on our list is this attractive boot from SPERRY. This boot offers reliable and consistent performance during the rainy season.

Due to its popularity, it comes in several different camos all of which are essentially a mixture of Brown and black leather.

One thing we particularly loved about this boot is its water and stain-resistant leather. This makes it a boot you can constantly use for long commutes without worrying about it being dirty.

What we do love about the boot is its seam-sealed constructions that keep your feet dry. It also comes with thermal linings that help keep your feet warm in cold or snowy terrains. While it is not recommended for mountain hikes, the boots have molded wave-siping outsole that ensures ultimate grip and traction on wet and dry surfaces.

It does come in a little bit expensive compared to others but the performance makes it well worth every penny you pay.

WORTHY MENTION: Timberland 6-inch waterproof boot - Link

Timberland Men's 6 inch Premium Waterproof Boot Fashion, Wheat Nubuck, 8.5
Timberland Men's 6 inch Premium Waterproof Boot Fashion, Wheat Nubuck, 8.5

Let's be honest, there is hardly anyone who hasn't heard of the Brand Timberland! One of the biggest names in the boot industry, they have grown to be seen as a brand that always delivers the best of the best in terms of style, functionality, and durability. It is thus not so surprising that they also have an entry in the waterproof boot category. And being a name to reckon with, a true list won't be complete without adding this widely respected brand.

The timberland 6-inch waterproof boot ticks all the boxes you can expect a boot from such a brand to take. It has a super premium build to it that might make it seem more expensive than it is. It comes with padded, seam-sealed premium leather that is not only durable but also waterproof.

The boot laces are made from 100% recycled nylon so you can be sure the lace won't thread off after multiple uses.

Best Waterproof Men's Boots Buying Guide

To be honest, when it comes to buying men's boots, there aren't many things to think about. This is probably more down to the fact that men do not require a special shoe for every type of cloth they buy. As a result, there are only a few things for you to consider when buying waterproof boots for yourself or your male partner.


This is self-explanatory. Contrary to what you might think, waterproof boots are pretty cheap. Only a few of them are expensive. The implication of this is that you have to be extra careful as not boots offer quality value for money.


This is where build quality comes in. The face value of a boot should automatically tell you whether it will look good on you or not. We all have a preference when it comes to buying items and gadgets and waterproof boots are no exceptions.

Functionality and Review

The functionality is a lot similar to the build quality. It simply means how the boot performs in certain terrains. It also describes the rate at which you can constantly use the boot without the need to clean it.

Review simply refers to other people's experience with the boot. There is no better way to understand what you are getting than by checking out other people's experiences with the boot.

Final Word

If you have ever had to suffer through a heavy downpour, you will agree with me that it sucks to get water on casual shoes. Not only because of the time you have to take to dry it but also because of the smell you might have to deal with.

That said, waterproof boots offer a cheap and dependable alternative during the rainy season. Happy shopping!

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