How to Measure Boot Laces

by Jason Flores

Some people don’t know how to measure boot laces, and they end up buying the wrong length. We all know that measuring boot laces is a pain in the neck. When you measure boot laces to replace the old ones in your boots, you must know how to measure boot laces and what size they will need to be. There’s no need to worry because in this article, we will show you how to measure them easily. So, read on to learn!

Boot laces Measuring Methods

How do you measure boot laces? Boot laces come in different types. Flat laces are usually measured by wrapping them twice around the hand and then doubling the length. Round laces can wrap around your hand three times before doubling for the correct length.

How to Measure Boot Laces
How to Measure Boot Laces

It is possible to measure the size of our laces in a few different ways. According to the international measurement system, centimeters (cm) are widely used in Europe, while inches (from its English name, inches) are measured in other countries.

But without a doubt, the most intuitive and international way to measure our laces is based on the number of eyelets or pairs of holes that the shoes have.

1. Measure boots from one tip to another

Take your laces’ measurements before they break. If you don’t, you’ll have to do additional calculations in your head in order to figure out the original length. Those who aren’t strong in mathematics will be humiliated in even greater measure.

It is as simple as taking the bootlaces out of your boots and measuring them. Measuring them from tip to tip is the best way to do it.

2. Type of Your Shoe

Work boots and hiking boots are the two types of boots most commonly used. The same applies to shoes that use bootlaces, such as street shoes. Bootlaces of standard length are a good fit for all of these kinds of shoes and boots.

3. Count the eyelets of shoes

Keeping that in mind will make shopping for bootlaces even easier.

It isn’t that difficult to count eyelets, though. To count the holes, estimate the number of holes at one side or count them all and then divide by two.

If you select the first process, you will get an immediate result as it will give you the number of eyelets that it has.

As soon as you have grasped the method for counting eyelets on shoes, find the matching length of the eyelets and shoelaces using the table below.

Relationship Between Centimeters and Buttonholes

According to the types of lacings, the materials used, and the type and model of shoes for which it will be used, the cm – eyelets ratio varies. Below are some simplified descriptions of the relationship shown.

Round and thin laces for dress shoes

  • 45 cm – 1/2 eyelets
  • 60 cm – 3/4 eyelets
  • 75 cm – 5 eyelets
  • 90 cm – 6 eyelets
  • 120 cm – 7/8 eyelets
  • 180 cm – 9/10 eyelets

Round and thin laces for all types of footwear

  • 50 cm – 1/2 eyelets
  • 60 cm – 3/4 eyelets
  • 75 cm – 5 eyelets
  • 90 cm – 6 eyelets
  • 125 cm – 7 eyelets
  • 150 cm – 8 eyelets

Round and thick laces for all types of footwear

  • 75 cm – 3/4 eyelets
  • 90 cm – 4/5 eyelets
  • 110 cm – 6 eyelets
  • 125 cm – 7 eyelets
  • 150 cm – 8 eyelets
  • 180 cm – 9/10 eyelets

Flat and thin laces for all types of footwear

  • 45 cm – 2/3 eyelets
  • 60 cm – 4 eyelets
  • 75 cm – 5/6 eyelets
  • 90 cm – 6/7 eyelets
  • 120 cm – 8/9 eyelets

Flat and wide laces for all types of footwear

  • 90 cm – 4/5 eyelets
  • 110 cm – 6 eyelets
  • 125 cm – 7 eyelets
  • 150 cm – 8 eyelets
  • 180 cm – 9/10 eyelets

Laces for Sports Shoes

  • 110 cm – 6 eyelets
  • 125 cm – 7 eyelets
  • 140 cm – 8 eyelets

Laces for Football Boots

  • 110 cm – 7 eyelets (for children)
  • 130 cm – 7 grommets (for adults)

These measurements are not an exact science since for it to be, we would have to specify the width of each of the types of beads, which would be quite difficult to understand. In addition, the space between the holes of each type and even of shoes can vary slightly.

In our case we have chosen to simplify the measurements, but to specify a little more and give some indicative measure, we have called the cords around 3 mm fine and the cords around 8 mm wide.

Change from Inches to Centimeters

Here we show you the relationship between inches and centimeters in the most common measurements in which shoelaces are usually sold.

Inches Centimeters Inches Centimeters
18 45.7 45 114.3
25 63.5 50 127
30 76.2 60 152.4
35 88.9 70 177.8
40 101.6

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are boot laces so long?

When you buy a size 7 or 20 shoe, the company has to make sure that all shoes can be laced up tightly. The laces for a size 20 shoe are the same length as those for a size 7 shoe. That way, people who have bought too short shoes don’t need to return them because they cannot tie their shoelaces.

What is the standard shoelace width?

Flat Printed Shoelaces can be any size, but they are usually about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch wide. They can also be as long as 27 inches to 63 inches.

Are all shoelaces the same length?

Your shoelaces would need to be longer if your sneakers have multiple eyelets. As far as Nike, Adidas, and just about every other sneaker brand goes, this is the same methodology for choosing the length of stock laces. A shoelace with 54 inches of length is only marginally different from a shoelace with 48 inches of length.

Why do hiking boots have red laces?

Red laces became part of the hiking boot “uniform” as the hiking boot industry grew, along with hiking culture. There may not have been much luxury in red laces, but they made their boots stand out as hiking boots, not just for walking or working.


It is important to measure your bootlace before you buy. If the measurements are wrong, you will have difficulty putting them on and taking them off your feet. We hope this article on how to measure boot lace has helped explain how to measure boot laces to find the perfect boot laces for you.

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