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25 Best Pull on Work Boots

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Wearing safety boots is essential to protect your feet from injuries or accidents at work. Discover the best pull on work boots for your comfort.

Like with most footwear, traditional boots require you to tie them in order to make sure they achieve a secure fit. However, there exists another kind of boot that provides the same kind of fit, if not more so.

This kind of boot is one that you can pull on without the need for laces. Pull on boots give you more mobility and allow you to focus on your tasks more since you do not need to worry about them coming untied.

Take some time and explore what the following pairs of pull on boots have to offer and find the most comfortable pull on work boots.

Most Comfortable Pull on Work Boots

Best Pull on Work Boots Reviews

#1 Groundbreaker Square” wide square toe work boot by Ariat

Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot – Men’s Safety Toe Western Work Boot

When you wear boots to an outdoor worksite where you are around heavy machinery and other kinds of things that demand toe protection, you need a strong pair of work boots that provide this kind of protection.

The square toe of Ariat’s Groundbreaker Square provides this kind of protection. Not only does this provide toe protection, it also ensures a comfortable fit that will allow you to wear them for hours on end with confidence.

The Groundbreaker Square tends to stick out in a negative way. It can also get in your way because of the square toe. You’ll need a different kind of pull on boot if you need a pair that allows you to move around quickly.

#2 Blane Orsen” ankle boot by Skechers

Skechers Men's Blaine Orsen Ankle Boot,Dark Brown,9.5 M US

One of the most common issues that surround any kind of boot is that most of them are really long. This is meant to protect your shins and calves while working, but sometimes you are in need of something that is as durable as a boot and as mobile as a sneaker.

Skechers’ Blane Orsen ankle boot brings these two worlds together. The heel measures exactly one inch, giving you just as much mobility as a pair of sneakers do. The insoles are made of fabric, the outsole is rubber, and the upper part is made of smooth leather, giving you all the durability you need as well.

There are a couple of things that you need to watch for with the Blane Orsen. First, they are not waterproof. The heel being only one inch pronounces this as well. Also, the sole does not resist slipping at all.

#3 Icon” steel toe heavy industry boots by Doc Martens

Dr. Martens, Men's Icon 2295 Steel Toe Heavy Industry Boots, Black, 11 M US

There is a lot that needs to be demanded from boots that are intended for demanding work conditions. They need to have completely slip resistant soles, the outside needs to be completely water resistant, and they need to provide perfect toe protection.

While most pull-on work boots possess a couple of these qualities at most, the Icon by Doc Martens possesses all three of these qualities. The sole is resistant to any kind of substance, they contain steel toes, and water will not enter the boot at all.

These qualities come at a massive sacrifice, and that sacrifice comes in the form of mobility and comfort. The Icon is one of the heaviest pull-on work boots you will ever find and there are many more pairs of similar boots that are much more comfortable.

#4 Floorhand” waterproof 10’’ soft toe work boot by Wolverine

WOLVERINE Men's Floorhand Waterproof 10' Soft Toe Work Boot, Dark Brown, 11 M US

Most pull-on work boots do a good job of being strong and durable if you do wear them in conditions that demand such qualities. However, if you need to wear these kinds of boots in unusually taxing conditions such as in mud or snow, you’ll need a pair of boots that are even stronger.

You will find such a boot with Wolverine’s Floorhand. The Floorhand contains the same qualities that other boots like it contain, but it also contains a nylon shank that makes it just a little stronger and a little more durable.

However, breathability is one category that the Floorhand struggles with greatly. This is something that you should be aware of if you have made the decision to wear them in dry and hot climates.

#5 Groundbreaker” pull-on work boot by Ariat

Ariat Groundbreaker Round Toe Men’s Safety, Wide Calf, Work Boots, Distressed Brown

One of the biggest issues that surround any kind of pull-on boot is that they do not allow for a lot of breathability. This is especially true if the boot is waterproof. While many ignore this issue, it can make working in dry and hot climates a major challenge.

You will not need to worry about this with the Groundbreaker, by Ariat. They allow for much more room for your feet to breathe compared to other kinds of boots and this makes them ideal for working in dry and hot conditions.

However, the Groundbreaker is not water resistant. Water will enter right through the leather and this is something that you need to be aware of. You should also be aware that the Groundbreaker contains a soft toe, so you’ll need to be a little more careful wearing them.

#6 Revolver” pull-on soft toe boot by Caterpillar

Caterpillar Men's Revolver Pull-On Soft Toe Boot,Wellington Dark Brown,11 W US

Boots that are made for construction work typically do not last. It isn’t uncommon to swap out a pair of boots after wearing them for only 6 or 8 months. This is especially true in dry conditions, which can put a lot of pressure on boots.

The Revolver, by Caterpillar, was designed for these kinds of conditions. The reinforced leather exterior and full grain leather upper speak to this. The welt construction also contributes to its durability, making them last much longer.

You will probably want to look for another pair of boots if you are looking for a pair that offers comfort, however. The angle of the Revolver is very narrow and this can put a lot more pressure on your ankles than you would like.

#7 Midtown Rambler” casual boot by Ariat

Ariat Men's Midtown Rambler Western Boot Casual Shoe, Barn Brown, 12 2E US

Pull-on boots are not known for being versatile. It seems like most of them are designed for worksites and worksites only. This is frustrating to deal with, and nobody wants to be forced to possess two different pairs of boots for two different scenarios.

The Midtown Rambler by Ariat has changed this. They are made of leather and contain a rubber sole that provides slip protection just like any other construction boot, but they look just like any other casual shoe would look like. They are perfect for wearing to work if you work at an office or garage and still want to wear the same boot when going out.

However, the Midtown Rambler is not as durable as it should be. This is especially true since you are likely to wear them more often. They are suspect to breaking down and you’ll also need to protect the exterior leather with mink oil before wearing them.

#8 Emelie” waterproof chelsea ankle boots (women’s) by Sorel

Sorel Women's Emelie Chelsea Boot - Light and Heavy Rain - Waterproof - Cattail - Size 9

Casual footwear for women is also dangerous. There are only so many times that you can get away with wearing open-toed casual footwear before you are met with an unfortunate accident. And who really wants to wear heels all day?

In a world where ladies’ casual footwear is reduced to variations of flip flops, sneakers, and crocs, there needs to be a solution. This solution is the Emelie, by Sorel. This chelsea style of ankle boot is the perfect form of casual footwear for any woman: They are durable and they look surprisingly stylish.

The only thing that you might need to worry about with the Emelie is that it does take some time to break them in. be prepared to wear them for a bit before reaching a true level of comfort with them.

#9 Marshall” 11’’ pull-on steel toe waterproof work boot by Irish Settler

Irish Setter Work Men's 83912 Marshall 11' Pull-On Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot,Brown,11 D US

One of the most unfortunate facts about most pull-on work boots is that if they are durable and strong, they will not survive hot climates. This makes for a very frustrating experience when you are looking for a pair that you can wear in said hot climates.

The Marshall by Irish Settler has solved this once and for all. Its outsoles can resist temperatures up to a staggering 475 degrees. They also contain steel toes and are also waterproof. If there ever was a boot that was created for any weather, it has to be the Marshall.

Unfortunately, all of this comes at a major sacrifice. This sacrifice is comfort. The Marshall will put a lot of pressure on your ankle, often to the point where you might sustain an ankle injury if you wear them for too long.

#10 Hiking western boot (women’s) by Ariat

Ariat Women's womens Terrain Pull-On H2O Hiking Boot, Distressed Brown, 9 B US

It is very difficult to find pull-on boots that you can wear specifically for outdoor activities that are actually comfortable. Most of them are also really tight around the ankle, making mobility difficult. You’ll need this kind of mobility when wearing them for activities like hiking.

Ariat’s hiking western boot was designed for this very thing. They contain all the properties that any pull on boot that you would wear to a worksite has but they are also just as flexible as a casual boot. This makes Ariat’s hiking boots perfect for outdoor activities where mobility is at a premium.

The V-cut design of Ariat’s hiking boot does take away from its water resistant properties, however. Because they hang so loose, it is easy for water or snow to fall inside the boot.

#11 Bison” 11’’ work boot by Carhartt

Carhartt Men's 11' Wellington Waterproof Soft Toe Pull-On Leather Work Boot CMP1100 Construction Shoe, Bison Brown Oil Tan

There is usually a split between stability and flexibility when it comes to work boots. If they are stable, they are not flexible. If they are flexible, they are usually not as stable as they need to be. This has created very frustrating experiences for a long time.

These frustrations vanish with Carhartt’s Bison work boot. They insoles provide plenty of cushioning and they contain a TPU heel counter with an achilles flex joint. This provides both stability and flexibility.

The Bison is durable, strong, perfectly waterproof, stable, and flexible. However, all of these nice qualities make them a little heavier than the average work boot.

#12 Ruffneck” work boot by Skechers

Skechers for Work Men's Ruffneck Steel Toe Work Boot,Dark Brown,10.5 M US

Most insoles of most boots cannot be removed. Dealing with this is very frustrating, especially if you know that you are going to be wearing said boots and being very active in them on a daily basis.

Probably the best thing about the Ruffneck, by Skechers, is that it has a removable insole. This makes it ideal for anybody who knows that they are going to be spending a lot of time wearing them. Because you’ll be able to swap out the insoles, you’ll be able to prevent conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

The Ruffneck contains all the other qualities you would come to expect from a work boot: Water resistant, steel toe, and other such qualities. However, these qualities and even the removable insole do not prevent it from struggling with breathability.

#13 Revolver” steel toe work boot (women’s) by Caterpillar

Caterpillar womens Revolver Steel Toe Work boots, Dark Beige, 9.5 US

A common issue with work boots is that most of them do not possess all of the qualities that you know are necessary for a high quality work boot. Most of them are missing one or two qualities that would make them perfect.

Fortunately, Caterpillar’s Revolver is the type of work boot that you can rely on. It contains everything you need to wear them with confidence at the worksite: A steel toe, protection from electric shocks, rubber soles, and anything else you could possibly imagine.

However, the Revolver is one of those work boots that goes through “cycles” of comfort. They take some time to break in, they are comfortable for a little bit after that, and then the steel toe will start to be uncomfortable.

#14 Boss” pull-on alloy square toe work and hunting boot by Timberland

Timberland PRO Men's AG Boss Pull-On Alloy SQ Toe Work and Hunt Boot, Distressed Brown Leather, 7 M US

Boots that contain steel toes tend to compromise the overall comfort of the boot itself. Boots with steel toes tend to do their job too well, digging into your toe. This is what makes them uncomfortable.

The Boss, by Timberland, provides the same kind of durability and provides the same amount of toe protection that any other work boot with a steel toe contains, but the only difference is that the Boss contains an alloy square toe. This makes them much more comfortable.

The only thing that you’ll need to watch for with the Boss is that the sole tends to develop wear and tear a little more than normal compared to other boots of its kind. This is frustrating to deal with if you wear them to the worksite regularly.

#15 Hoodoo III” chelsea wp boot (womens) by Keen

KEEN Women's Hoodoo III Chelsea WP Boot, Tortoise Shell/Mulch, 10 M US

Casual boots tend to do only a marginal job at resisting cold temperatures. This is true even if they contain a lot of padding on the inside. This will often lead you to reach for a different casual boot altogether for extremely cold temperatures, which is an inconvenience.

You will not need to worry about this at all when wearing the Hoodoo III, by Keen. The Hoodoo III provides a level of insulation that resists the coldest of temperatures. They resist cold temperatures so much that it is possible to wear them in snow.

The only thing that you’ll need to worry about with the Hoodoo III is that they can actually get too warm, running the risk of lower breathability.

#16 Double H” ice roper boots by Boot Barn

Double H” ice roper boots by Boot Barn


There are a lot of industry standards that boots that are designed for hazardous worksites need to adhere to. Most of the time, you’ll be perfectly fine with these kinds of work boots. However, there are also times that call for a work boot that goes above and beyond these industry standards.

You’ll want to see what Boot Barn’s Double H ice roper boot has to offer if you are met with a situation like this. The Crazyhorse leather that they are made of goes above and beyond durability standards, making them perfect for wearing to worksites where you know there will be hazards.

The only thing you’ll need to worry about with the Double H is that they are not nearly as flexible as other work boots of its kind. This is due to their higher-than-average durability.

#17 Blundstone” (womens) by Zappos

Blundstone” (womens) by Zappos


Casual shoes and boots are surrounded by polarizing inconveniences. If they are comfortable, they are not durable. If they are durable, they are typically not comfortable and often not stylish at all.

Both of these worlds are brought together with the Blundstone, by Zappos. The durability is completely taken care of with their shock protection system, heat resistance, and waterproof qualities. They also look much more presentable than other casual boots like it.

The only thing you’ll need to watch for with the Blundstone is that they are not perfectly waterproof. The leather upper of the boot is waterproof but the rest of it is not.


#18 Flag” western work boots by Cody James

Flag” western work boots


Work boots that resist punctures are hard to come by. Anybody who wears these kinds of boots when working in hazardous conditions where it is possible to be punctured by something among the environment.

The Flag, by Cody James, is one such work boot that will resist punctures. They also offer everything else that most work boots offer: Slip resistance, electrical hazard protection, and a wide composite toe. These make them the perfect boot for worksites where you know you will be encountering hazards.

Mobility is what the Flag struggles with the most. This is because they are so durable. You will need to look for a different pair of work boots if you are looking for a work boot that you can be mobile in.


#19 Wheelbase” steel toe work boot by Caterpillar

Wheelbase” steel toe work boot by Caterpillar


Chelsea style work boots are some of the most comfortable work boots in existence. They are a fantastic alternative to traditional work boots, but they often do not contain the same kind of durability as traditional work boots do.

The Wheelbase, by Caterpillar, combines the comfort of a chelsea style work boot with the durability of a traditional work boot. It contains a steel toe, it contains electrical hazard protection, and the outsole is resistant to oil and water.


#20 Original Ride” branson roper western boots by Rocky

Original Ride” branson roper


As useful as boots with square toes are, they can get uncomfortable. While these square toes are ideal for certain worksites, there are certainly worksites that boots with round toes would be suitable for. Unfortunately, square toes seem to be an industry standard for most boots.

Rocky’s Original Ride boots are rare in that they contain a round toe. This gives you much better flexibility that other boots just simply do not possess. Aside from that, the Original Ride offers everything else that you would come to expect in a work boot.

The only thing that you’ll need to be aware of with the Original Ride is that they are a little heavier than other boots of its kind. This is due to their durability, which is a little better than average.


#21 Drywall” pull-on safety toe boots by Justin

Drywall” pull-on safety toe boots


One of the biggest issues that surround any kind of work boot is that they are just not flexible enough when you need them to be flexible the most. This can make things more challenging than they should be if you need to be really mobile in them.

The Drywall, by Justin, has solved this by containing a flexible comfort system within their boots. This allows you to be a little more mobile while at the same time enjoying all the other things that most work boots provide, such as electrical shock protection and rubber outsoles.

Boots with steel toes are known for being uncomfortable for your toes. Unfortunately, this is no exception with the Drywall. This takes away from its comfort a little bit.


#22 Ramsey” soft-toe boot by Irish Settler

Ramsey” soft-toe boot


Most work boots are optimal for one kind of climate, but leave too much to be desired for others. This can present a challenge if you wear the same pair of work boots in different climates and weather conditions.
Something that the Ramsey excels in is being able to withstand any kind of condition. It’s reinforced leather material and waterproof lining speaks to this. You’ll be able to wear them at nearly any jobsite then turn right back around and wear them in very wet areas.

The only thing that you’ll need to watch for with the Ramsey is that it contains a soft toe. You’ll need to be a little more careful when wearing them.


#23 Workhog” 10’’ pull-on work boot by Ariat

Workhog” 10’’ pull-on work boot


Most work boots are not comfortable at all. Some of them can be so uncomfortable that they can practically cause conditions like plantar fasciitis. This is especially true if you are tasked with wearing them for hours on end.

The Workhog, by Ariat, addresses this in a number of ways. The insole is made of microfiber and lining material is made of mesh. This allows for the breathability that is necessary to prevent conditions like plantar fasciitis.

However, the Workhog is not designed for very hazardous worksites. They do not have a steel toe and they are not flame resistant. They do not offer any electrical hazard protection either.


#24 Wellington” by Carolina Boots

Wellington” by Carolina Boots


Most boots that are worn to work tend to either be very comfortable but not functional or durable, but very functional and durable but not comfortable. It is difficult to find a work boot that does well in both areas.

The Wellington, by Carolina Boots, is one such work boot that is very comfortable but will also protect you at the worksite. The mesh lining and pillow cushion insole make it comfortable, they are waterproof, and they also offer electrical hazard protection.

The only thing you may need to watch out for with the Wellington is that it does not contain a steel toe. It contains a non-metallic shank in place of the steel toe, but that may not be enough to completely protect you.


#25 Big Rig” waterproof composite toe work boot by Ariat

Big Rig” waterproof composite toe work boot


One major but tragically overlooked issue that surrounds most pull on work boots is that they often do not accommodate individuals with high insteps or wide calves. Individuals with this kind of anatomical structure tend to be uncomfortable no matter what kind of boot they are wearing.

The Big Rig, by Ariat, changes all of this. It fits a little wider than other work boots, making them much more comfortable for those with high insteps or wide calves. The toe is also composite instead of steel, making them a little lighter. Also read more about light weight work boots

It seems like the Big Rig is designed only for those with high insteps or wide calves, since they do possess a larger sole than normal. This cannot be helped, and it can cause discomfort for some.


Pull-on Boots – A Buying Guide

best pull on work boots

Pull-on boots are just like any kind of footwear where different pairs are designed for different situations.

The goal for any pair of pull-on boots is to be able to wear them in as many places as you can, but there are still things that you should consider before buying a pair.

Will you be wearing your pull-on boots for work or outdoor activities?

This is the first consideration and other considerations will revolve around it.

Boots that are suitable for work are a little different than boots that you can wear when hiking, climbing mountains, or any other outdoor activity.

If you are not aware of this, you might find yourself with the wrong pair of boots.

Do you need your pull-on boots for working indoors or working outdoors?

Work related activities are one of the most common reasons for possessing a pair of pull-on boots.

Because of this, you’ll definitely want to determine whether the boots you want are suitable for working indoors or working outdoors.

Do your boots need to be waterproof?

Despite what many believe, not all pull-on boots are waterproof.

Some of them sacrifice waterproof properties for improved breathability and this is something that you need to be aware of.

Something else you should be aware of is that certain pull-on boots are more waterproof than others.

How durable do you need your pull-on boots to be?

Most pull-on boots are extremely durable, but nearly all of them contain different degrees of durability.

Whether it comes in the form of electric shock absorbers, steel toes, or padded lining, you’ll need to determine how many of these qualities you’ll need when selecting your pull-on boots.

Advantages of Pull-on Work Boots

Pull-on Work Boots vs. Lace up Work Boots

Pull-on work boots offer a very suitable alternative to their counterparts that require laces to tighten.

There are a few reasons why that is.

You will not need to deal with laces

The first reason why pull-on work boots are better than their counterparts is probably the most obvious.

There are a lot of things that you need to deal with when it comes to laces, especially when it comes to boots that use laces.

From small issues like knots that develop to major issues such as the laces catching fire, these are things that you will never need to deal with when it comes to pull-on boots.

Near-perfect sizing

Something that isn’t very known about boots that use laces is that their size actually varies depending on what kinds of laces are in them.

This is especially true when it comes to work boots, since they use longer laces.

None of this will ever be an issue when you have pull-on boots in your possession.

They do not take as long to put on

Putting on boots that contain laces actually takes a very long time. You need to make sure they are laced up properly and then you need to make sure that they are tied properly.

You deal with none of this when you own a pair of pull-on boots, and this means that it takes a much shorter time for you to put them on, saving you a lot of time.

More options

Lace-up boots are much more limited in their options than their pull-on counterparts are.

This is because pull-on boots specialize in different things other than outdoor activities, which is what most lace-up boots tend to specialize in.

If you need boots for work, you’ll enjoy a much better selection with pull-on boots rather than ones that use laces.

How to Fit a Pull-on Work Boot

  • Fitting a pull-on work boot is a lot different than fitting a work boot that uses laces.
  • This is because you have no laces that tighten the boot itself. This alters how the boot fits overall.
  • The first step in fitting a pull-on work boot is to know what your preferences are.
  • You’ll need to know whether you prefer your boots to have a tight fit or a loose fit in order to make sure you can wear them comfortably on a regular basis.
  • The next step is all about where you are going to wear your work boots.
  • You’ll probably want your boots to fit a little tighter if you intend to wear them to worksites that require you to be very mobile.
  • However, if the worksite requires you to be seated for a long time, you might want your boots to fit a little more loose than usual.
  • The most common adjustment that you can make when fitting pull-on work boots properly is to make sure they are 1 size smaller than boots that have laces. This accounts for the lack of laces.
  • However, if you want your boots to fit a little less tightly, you should probably select boots that are half a size smaller than boots that have laces. This will give them a fit that is a little more loose.
  • You might have to make larger adjustments to this, as well. It isn’t uncommon for some to adjust to 2 sizes smaller or 1 and ½ sizes smaller.
  • In any case, err on selecting boots that are at least half a size smaller than what you normally wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should pull-on work boots fit?

A: Your pull-on boots should fit a little more loose than your lace-up boots do. If they are too tight, they could affect your feet to where you could develop plantar fasciitis. When wearing pull-on work boots, you’ll need to make sure that they are loose enough for your feet to breathe, but not too loose that they could fall off.

Q: Are Carhartt work boots any good?

A: Carhartt has been an established brand of work boots for years, if not decades. However, they excel in certain conditions while they are average or marginal at best. Carhartt work boots are perfect for any worksite where you are tasked with dealing with hazardous materials and surfaces that require your boots to be durable. You should probably look for a different brand if you need boots for hiking, mountain climbing, or any other outdoor activity.

Q: Is it better for boots to be bigger or smaller?

A: The answer to this really depends on what you are wearing the boots for and how active you expect to be in your boots. If you expect to be very active in your boots, you probably want them to be smaller. This will prevent them from coming loose or even falling off. However, if you know that you are going to be stationary for awhile, you would do better to own bigger boots this way they are more comfortable.

Q: Do boots stretch out?

A: The only way that boots will ever stretch out is if they are too small or too tight. However, boots can also stretch out if they have mesh on the sides. The material that mesh is made of can expand a lot more than you think. Boots can also stretch out if they are left out alone in hotter climates, just like with any other kind of footwear. To prevent this, make sure that your boots are kept in room temperatures.

Q: Should my toes touch the end of my boots?

A: Your toes should probably not touch the end of your boots, especially if the boots have a steel toe. If your toes touch the end of your boots and they have a steel toe, you will have a higher chance of injuring your toes, especially if there is an impact on the toe area of your boots. Do all you can to select boots that are a bit larger if they do have steel toes.

Although they are not as popular as their lace-up counterparts, pull-on boots offer a fantastic alternative to almost any kind of footwear that you currently own.

Pull-on boots are just as durable and most of them contain the same kinds of waterproof and electric shock prevention properties as their lace-up counterparts.

However, they are much more convenient in that they do not contain laces, which makes them easier to put on and makes them easier to maintain.

Consider swapping out your traditional boots for pull-on boots. You will not be disappointed.

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