Clark Bushacre Vs Desert Boot

by James Miller

Clarks is one of the footwear companies that has been in the market for so many years now. They are known for coming up with good pairs of shoes. The Clark Bushacre Vs. Desert Boot are good examples of their fantastic footwear achievement.

These two boots have excellent quality, and they are durable. They are top chukka boots as they have a classic design. Although they look similar, there are some distinctions between the two footwear, starting from their style up to sole type.

From the first glance, you will realize that they have a beautiful silhouette that matches any outfit and a luxurious upper suede appearance. Loyal fans can't stop comparing the two boots. With our analysis we came up with some differences between them.

Clark Bushacre Vs Desert Boot

Clark Bushacre Vs Desert Boot Reviews 2023

Clark Bushacre Vs Desert Boot Reviews 2023
Clark Bushacre Vs Desert Boot Reviews 2023

1. Clarks Men's Bushacre

Clarks Men's Bushacre 2, Beeswax, 10 M US
Clarks Men's Bushacre 2, Beeswax, 10 M US

The Clarks Bushacre boot is a top predecessor of the first Desert boot, and it was realized in 2005. Since they come to the market, they have become popular among all the Clarks boots. The boot was made to solve the issues that were experienced with the Desert boots.

There are two main Clarks men's Bushacre common in the market, the Clarks Men's Bushacre Hill Chelsea Boot and Clarks Men's Bushacre 2 Chukka boot. These two types have the same features that are great for excellent performance.


The Bushacre boots are made of flexible leather or suede that is good for keeping you comfortable throughout the day. The suede provides a more classic attire that you might be looking for. They are also fitted with synthetic lining on the insoles instead of leather, making them the best.

The boot features a rubber sole to have a solid and dependable grip even on slippery and wet areas. The rubber soles are all weatherproof and can be the best choice for wet climates.

The quality of Bushacre is unquestionable, to be sure; with our test, we found out that the stitch-down design is strong and can last for years while performing well. Despite that they aren't water-resistant, you can wear them with damp socks when you are in a wet condition.

You can't imagine the comfort you will get from the boot insole. This is because the insoles are well-cushioned in the lining, and the insole will keep your feet feeling good all day. The boot shaft is ankle-high from the arch and the heel range between 0.75 to 0.99 inches.

The Bushacre boot is known to have a size that is slightly bigger than the real one. That is why most users are advised to choose a bit lower than their regular size whenever they plan to buy a new boot.

What we like on the boot

  • Features high-quality leather just like the Desert boot
  • Its synthetic rubber sole is more durable compared to crepe
  • The boot has a soft lining around the ankle
  • The boot maintains its classic design
  • It is less expensive

What we don't like

  • Its synthetic rubber is somehow hard

2. Clarks Men's Desert Boots

Clarks Mens Desert Chukka Boot, Beeswax, 8 US
Clarks Mens Desert Chukka Boot, Beeswax, 8 US

The Clarks Men's Desert is also another top-notch chukka shoe you can wear out with pants. These boots are the perfect option during warmer seasons. Like Clarks Bushacre, there are two significant kinds available in the market, Clarks Men's Desert Chukka Boot and Clarks Originals Men's Desert Boot.

For over more than 100 years, the boots have been on the market; Clarks men's Desert has a wide variety of features beginning from top-quality components to a stabilized suede-lined heel that makes it a comfortable fit.


The Desert boot provides you with a variety of materials you need, and it is available in either suede and leather, depending on what you prefer. On the sole, they are fitted with a crepe sole which is comfortable to wear for an extended period. We also noted that they deliver excellent traction more especially on dry surfaces, although on wet areas, it is slippery.

The way these boots are designed is excellent as you can wear them regularly and throughout the day as they are durable. Just like Bushacre, Desert boots have a stitch-down construction that is waterproof depending on the material used. The good thing with suede or leather boots can be sprayed with water-repellent spray to add some protection to the element.

Desert boots use leather lining, which is highly breathable, and this helps the feet from overheating or sweating even when you wear them during the day. The boot also features a shock-absorbing foam footbed, which helps keep the feet feel new even after a long period. This makes it more comfortable compared to Bushacre, which doesn't have it.

The boot has a stabilized suede-lined heel that is about 1 inch. The boot's size somehow runs big, and therefore it is advisable to choose a half-size small one. The boot tends to stretch with time, and this will make it fit.

What we like

  • The Desert boots are flexible and light
  • They are one of the best chukka shoes
  • It has a classic design
  • It comes in a range of colors
  • The crepe sole is iconic and soft on the foot
  • The leather material is exceptional

What we don't like

  • The crepe sole is not durable
  • The sole gets dirty easily and quickly

Comparison between Clark Bushacre Vs. Desert Boot

The comparison between these two boots is based on the features of the two boots. They include


The Desert boot and Clarks Bushacre are both made of leather or suede material. All the materials are high-quality, durable materials that are noteworthy. The leather and suede boots are of great outfit as they are water-resistant.

The sole

Clarks provides excellent sole for both Desert and Bushacre. The Bushacre's sole is made of rubber sole that is non-slip in both slippery and wet conditions. On the Desert boots, they have a crepe sole that is comfortable and perfect to be used for an extended period. They have excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces.


All two boots are made of high-quality, durable material. The construction method used in Bushacre boots is made in a way that it can withstand challenging conditions. However, the material isn't water-resistant, and therefore avoid wearing them during the wet season.


Both boots are made of comfortable material. Bushacre has a cushioned insole that makes it feel great on your feet. The Desert boot also has an insole with a good lining that is easily breathable and prevents the feet from feeling tired.


The Bushacre boots vs. Desert boots tend to come in sizes that are slightly bigger than the real ones, and therefore users are always advised to buy a half size lower than their normal ones. The good thing we realized is that the sizes tend to stretch readily with time, making them feel more significant.


The two boots are either waterproof. This means that they need extra care for them to be durable. The leather and synthetic material aren't water-resistant, so they do not know both works best in wet areas. The good thing is that their price ranges are almost similar.

The main differences between Clarks Bushacre Vs. Desert Boots

The major difference between the two boots is the sole type that each uses. The Desert boots feature a crepe rubber sole which is more comfortable and offer an excellent grip on various surfaces all day. On the other hand, Bushacre boots have fabric and synthetic rubber soles, which are more slip-resistant.

The inner lining between the two boots also differs. Desert boots have an inner lining that is more breathable as opposed to that of a Bushacre boot. The lining of the Desert allows comfortable airflow to the boot, and hence you can use the boot all day.

The insoles of the two boots also differ. The Desert boot features a shock-absorbing foam footbed. This helps to keep the boot feel new even if you have used it for some days. On the other hand, Bushacre has a simple cushioned insole that keeps the feet comfortable throughout the day.

Which boot should I go for?

Honestly, this will be a tough question to decide on which is best for you. They both have excellent features that make them stand out. The choice you make on either of the two is purely based on your preferences or needs.

The Desert boot is ideal for those who need a boot to wear once or twice a week. For the period I have used it, I found out that it has a very casual outfit in that its crepe soles are ideal and provides the comfort you need in some critical areas. It is a classic chukka boot, and I love its experience for the last 70 years.

Bushacre boots are suitable for office wear. If you are searching for shoes to wear to your office daily or thrice a week, then Clark Bushacre is the ideal solution. Its sole is cleaner and more durable to be used for that purpose plus they are less expensive.

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