how often to polish leather shoes

How Often to Polish Shoes

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You won’t regret investing in the best shoe design in the market. Shoes complete and compliment your look. They take your style quotient a notch higher.

Shoes will keep your feet healthy and give you a comfortable feeling. However, it’s good for you to keep them in the best condition all the time. Like you regularly groom yourself, wash your clothes or vacuum your house, it’s also essential to polish your shoes.

Don’t just polish shoes because you are supposed to, or someone told you to do so. It’s a chore you should undertake diligently and with passion. And if you are wondering, how often to polish shoes at home? Fret not.

There is a lot to know about polishing shoes and how to go about the involved processes. Most importantly, if you don’t know why shoe polishing is necessary, here are tips to spur your drive. Have a look:

  • It increases the durability of your shoes.
  • It preserves the new looks of your shoes regardless of their design for a long time.
  • You will revitalize the look of your shoes even if they have been in use for a while.
  • Your shoes will remain crack-free and gloss.
  • You will maintain the original look and feel of your shoes.

Everything to Know about Polishing Shoes

Polishing your shoes is the most reasonable way to keep them in their natural condition, no matter how many pairs you own. It’s an art you should do anything possible to master as there are all sorts of practices and procedures involved. But then again, it can take a toll on you if you are doing it for the first time. And many questions will linger in your mind if you are new to such a chore.

Is shoe polish necessary? What does shoe polishing entail? How long should it take to perfectly polish shoes? These are just a few questions that will lead you to the right path and keep your shoes in the best condition.

If you are tired and always embarrassed donning unkempt shoes, let this habit die today. Get started by obtaining the best shoe polish or cream in the market. There are many types of shoe polish, and you should pick the best. They include:

  • Cream polish

Cream polish is a tried and widely used solution great for keeping leather shoes and boots looking great. Ingredients that make cream polish will help reduce cracks and give shoes a matchless shine.

  • Wax

Carnauba wax, a plant-based wax, is the most popular choice and helps repair the fading leather on your shoes. Other types of wax commonly used in shoe polish include paraffin, a petroleum-based wax, and beeswax, an insect-based wax. They resist water and will keep your shoes in the best shape.

  • Oils

Mink oil is one of the essential ingredients that make most shoe polish. These oils help keep the leather fiber elastic and reduce the oxidation process. Other widely used oils are Lanolin and Neatsfoot.

  • Leather Conditioners

A leather conditioner is an excellent option if you are looking for the best way to care for your shoes. It helps keep the original leather skin smoother and less susceptible to drying out and cracking.

  • Liquid Shoe Polish

Opt for a liquid shoe polish if you want a practical and fast no-mess application for your shoes. You can as well use your liquid shoe polish if you want a last-minute shine and softer finish.

How Often to Polish Your Shoes

With the many benefits of using shoe wax or cream, you shouldn’t have any reservations about using the best brands. Significantly, you should feel free to share your thoughts on how often to wax polish shoes.

Generally, it’s wise to polish shoes once a week. However, the whole exercise will depend on how often you wear the different types of shoes you have. You have to give your boots adequate care so that they can last long.

Regular polishing will increase their lifespan. Forthrightly, if you are a rough traveler, think about the condition of your shoes. If your shoes are repeatedly exposed to harsh weather conditions, dust, and all kinds of dirt, it’s wise to polish twice a week.

Donning your favorite shoes frequently causes dirt to settle down on the leather. After each wear, you won’t get it wrong by brushing or wiping them with a cloth to get rid of all grime and dust off them. You will bring out their natural color and maintain quality.

It’s the best way to keep the shoes in good condition despite the many times you wear them. And if you don’t occasionally travel and spend most of your time indoors, polish shoes once every two weeks. If you work from home, polishing your boots even once a month is tolerable.

On the other hand, if you hardly wear your leather shoes, know how often to polish shoes for men. A two or three-month wait will meet your requirements rather than polishing them every month. The Oxfords you don’t wear every day or weekly will still keep their shine and long shelf life. Truthfully, how long you typically wear your shoes will help determine how often to polish them.

How to Polish Your Footwear

It’s not rocket science to clean or polish shoes. The young and the old can do it diligently and to satisfaction. There are many procedures you can apply, but here is how to polish shoes in simple steps.

Step One: Gather the Right Supplies

Right from the start, you will need all the necessary materials that make it easy and fun-filled to polish shoes. They include:

1. Shoe Polish

You can opt for shoe cream, wax, or liquid polish. Creams and waxes have dense ingredients and will nourish the leather shoes and protect them from water damage.
Use a liquid polish for a quick and easy to apply shine. Go on and choose a shade that goes well with your shoes.

Keep a few things in mind:

  • For black shoes, go for quality black shoe polish.
  • If you have rust and tan shoes, settle for the best light brown shoe polish.
  • For burnished brown, walnut, chestnut, or antique shoes, medium brown shoe polish is for you.
  • You will need dark brown shoe polish for dark emerald, dark oak, or coffee shoes.
  • Use mahogany shoe polish for mahogany and oxblood shoes.
  • Pick a neutral polish that will fit any shoe color.

2. Polishing brush or old cloth- Settle for the best polishing brush with stiff bristles if you don’t want to use an old soft cloth.

3. Horsehair shining brush- You will need a high-quality horsehair shoe shining brush for that perfect shine you will be looking for.

4. Soft Cloth- You will need a chamois cloth to add a shiny finish to your already polished shoes.

5. Cover the Workspace- Protect the surface with some old brown paper bags or newspaper.

Step Two: Applying the Polish

Don’t rush and start polishing your Brogues or Oxfords right away. Learn how often to polish shoes like a pro, and here are tips to help.

  • Prepare the shoes- Remove the laces and avoid dirtying them with polish. But if these are leather shoes, leave them intact as the shoe polish will do them good.
  • Clean your shoes- Dust off your boots with a soft bristle brush. Brush the areas around the sole and leather to avoid trapping dirty in the shoe polish. Also, use a dampened soft cloth to wipe grime and dirt off the shoes. Then leave the shoes to dry for a few minutes.
  • Apply the shoe polish- Deep your polishing brush or soft cloth into the shoe polish of liking, and work it on the leather surface. Do this using small circular motions and ensure the polish is spread evenly. Pay attention to the edge of the upper parts of the shoe and the cracks in the tongue.
  • Let the polish dry- Give the shoe about 15 to 20 minutes to dry. Add another layer of polish if you need to and follow the same polishing technique. With this extra layer, you don’t have to worry about how long the shoe polish lasts. You will apply enough polish to stay for as long as you wish to wear the shoe without polishing it again.
  • Brush off superfluous polish- If the extra layer of polish has dried, get hold of your horsehair brush and remove the excess polish in slow motions.

Step Three: Shining the Shoe

Once the polish is completely applied, improve your shoe’s look by giving it a befitting shine. Follow a few steps:

  • Use a soft cloth to buff the shoe- The soft chamois cloth will present you with the easiest way to add a shine to your shoes. Move the fabric across the shoe in a vigorous and even motion to buff it.
  • Use the spit-shine technique- This method is widely used in the military to buff boots. Spray a little water onto the shoe and evenly work it into the surface of the shoe. Then dip the soft cloth in warm water and apply the second layer of polish. Repeat this process until you get the level of shine you desire.
  • Fire shining- Many people opt for fire waxing as it’s fun and a celebrated old-school technique. Cautiously, light the shoe polish on fire for a few seconds and let it become mushy.
  • Apply several layers of gooey polish onto your shoes using a soft cloth. Then heat the polish on your shoe surface with your lighter, and get a wet look.
  • Allow the polish to dry and apply another layer. Finally, use your soft cloth to shine the shoe to satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As you explore the many ways to polish shoes and figure out how often to polish shoes for women, here are a few FAQs to help.

Should you polish brand new shoes?

If you are wondering, can you polish new shoes? Yes, and, without a doubt.

Because you don’t know how long the shoes have been sitting in the store, polishing them will help restore any lost moisture and color.

You will also add a layer of protection against spills and grime to the leather.

Can you over-polish a shoe?

For those who find polishing shoes daunting, “can you polish shoes too much?” is a common question that might linger in their minds. Feel free to work on your shoe for as long as you wish with the most suitable shoe polish. Apply as many layers as you can until you feel the polish will restore the shoe’s lost quality and look.

How often should you polish without polish?

If you are skeptical about how often to polish shoes without polish, stress no more. Basic cleaning is necessary and can be done regularly, more so if you are not using polish. Regularly, you can use a soft cloth and warm water to remove the dust and dirt from your shoes.

Final Thoughts

There are myriads of distinctive ways to polish shoes, and you should go for the best technique. How often you polish shoe matters, and it’s the best way to increase their shelf life. It also aids in restoring color and improving their looks.

Don’t have any misgivings using the best types of shoe polish in the market. With your well-cared for and polished shoes, you will walk around oozing confidence and with inspiration.

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