How To Stop Feet Sweating In Work Boots

by Jason Flores

Do you experience sweat in your feet when you are wearing your work boot? Do you need to get rid of this condition? Well, we have good news for you. In this article, we have highlighted 10 good ways which you can use to stop feet Sweating.

Sweating of the feet is a common thing to many workers. However, this is something that should not worry you so much because there are ways of counteracting it. The causes of this can be due to the issues of athletes’ feet or the long-wearing of the boot on a hot day. The work boot lining can also be a cause; work boots that don’t have a breathable membrane can make your feet sweat.

Top 10 Ways to Stop Feet Sweating

How To Stop Feet Sweating
How To Stop Feet Sweating

1. Keep Your Feet Clean to Stop Feet Sweating

It is not wrong when we say cleanliness is next to Godliness. Keeping our feet clean is the most cost-effective and easiest way of combating stop feet sweating. Ensure that you are washing your feet at least once a day.

How To Stop Feet Sweating In Work Boots
How To Stop Feet Sweating In Work Boots

Scrubbing the feet at home with a mixture of an antibacterial soap like HibiScrub and warm water is good. They help to keep your feet fresh and reduce the sweating process. And also, when you wash your feet in the morning before you slip into your boot, ensure you have dried the feet well.

2. Buy All-Weather Friendly Work Boots to Stop Feet Sweating

Boots are not just boots, always learn to invest in boots suitable for all weather conditions instead of buying two separate pairs. For instance, insulated boots are only ideal in the winter period but not in summer. If you can’t get the all-weather boot, then have those for the cold and warm season.

If you need a good boot for hot weather, choose boots with features like safety, length, and breathability. Breathable boots feature an excellent moisture-wicking lining that absorbs moisture and sweat and maintains good air inflow. On length, boots that have longer shafts tend to trap more heat than shorter ones.

3. Use Appropriate Insoles to Stop Feet Sweating

One of the top methods that the International Hyperhidrosis Society recommends is to use the appropriate inserts in preventing slips. The inserts work perfectly by absorbing all the sweat and moisture and keeping your feet dry.

One of such fantastic insoles is the Summer soles specially designed for those who experience excessive sweat on their feet. The good thing with such insoles is that they contain an oil fragrance that helps make the sweat odor-free within the shortest time possible.

4. Use Ideal Socks to Stop Feet Sweating

Do you know that socks are a big deal in this process? You know, socks act as a barrier between the inside boot and your feet. So, what comes from your boot must go through them before reaching the boot. It is, therefore, reasonable to use socks that have a higher absorbency as they will pull all the moisture and sweat your feet produce.

You can also use those socks with an antimicrobial lining like copper to simultaneously deal with sweat and odor. One such sock is YingiDi Copper socks. They not only preserve your feet dry but also smell good. You can also wear hiking socks like ProTect, they are also good.

5. Dry Your Boots Each Night

Boots need to be maintained to keep your feet dry and comfortable. One such maintenance is drying them with your boot dryer every night. The boot dryer evaporates all moisture and sweat from the boot, making it hard for bacteria to multiply and cause problems like athletes’ feet or smelly feet.

So, once you are from work, place your boots on the boot dryer. The boot dryers are not expensive, and everyone can afford them. They are effective in keeping your feet comfortable and minimizing perspiration. If you want to reduce or stop feet sweating, do not be reluctant; boot dryers can help you.

6. Apply Foot Powders

If you feel that the above method hasn’t helped you, then using foot powder is a good option for sure. Powders like talcum powder are effective. Once you have cleaned your feet, rub some powder on your feet and cover them with your socks, and put on your boot, and go.

The other powder you can use is Foot Sense powder. The powder contains antibacterial properties that make your feet smell suitable for an extended period. It is also helpful in absorbing excess moisture and sweat and therefore keeping your feet dry all day.

7. The Use of Antiperspirant Spray

If powders are not your taste, then here are the sprays of antiperspirant sprays helpful to feet in sweat eradication. The spray is well endowed with features that will make your feet stay dry all day. It would be good if you were keen not to combine spray with powder, and it is not recommendable.

One such antiperspirant spray is Odorex, which can be used for ten good days. Knowing how long it will take, the spray is a cost-effective way to cut down or stop your feet from sweating for many months.

8. Drink Lots of Water

This is a natural method that you can use to stop feet Sweating. Taking hot water on hot days helps to regulate your body temperature hence reducing Sweating. This will help to keep your foot hydrated and keep it fresh when working.

9. Keep a Healthy Weight

It is observed that most people who have more weight tend to sweat at their feet more than those that weigh less.  This is because more people exert more energy, which takes a long time to cool it off. Weight reduction will reduce the feet’ stress and hence stopping sweat.

10. Let Your Feet Have Some Rest

Allow your legs to breathe by taking off boots and socks when you prop your feet up and allow them to rest for some time.

Why Do My Feet Sweat When in Work Boots?

Feet Sweat In Boots
Feet Sweat In Boots

Sweating is a common thing that every individual experiences. Sweat exposes your feet to bacteria and germs and creates an embarrassing situation, like developing an odor smell on your boot. However, this situation should not make you worry because you can stop it.

Sweat is water that has a small amount of lactic acid, urea, and other substances that enhance bacterial production. There are several reasons why perspiration occurs. Some of them are

Foot conditions

To some people, Sweating can be natural. To others is an indication that one might be suffering from certain conditions like an athlete’s foot. Excessive Sweating can also be caused by anxiety. When one is anxious, he/she may express that by producing excess sweat on their feet.

Working in a hot environment

Excessive sweat can be due to working in a hot environment and for an extended period. In this environment, the probability of wearing heavy-duty or insulated boots is high, and these boots do not make your feet breathe easily, therefore causing them to sweat.


In some cases, our sweat glands suffer from a condition referred to as plantar hyperhidrosis. The condition is bothersome and uncomfortable. The condition makes the sweat glands produce excessive sweat even when you are not working.  This is something that is boring and makes you uncomfortable.


Is sweat feet a sign of diabetes?

Sweat has been associated with people with diabetes. However, it is good to say that people with type 1 diabetes experience excessive sweat on the upper body part and not on the feet. The reason why those with diabetes sweat on their feet is due to the low blood sugar levels. So, we can’t conclude that Sweating of the feet is a clear sign of diabetes.

Is sweat feet a sign of anxiety?

The physical signs associated with anxiety disorder are clammy(sweat), cold and other signs. It is clear that when someone is anxious, he/she feet sweat as a sign of relieving the anxiety.

Are our cotton socks good for sweating feet?

Yes, they are; in fact, most cotton socks are popular as they are the best option for absorbing excess sweat and odor. Several good cotton socks are in the market that you can use, like Saucony anti-sweat socks, Dickies men’s Dri-tech moisture control socks, and so many other cotton socks.

Final Word

Sweating is a natural thing and not caused by boots. When working, the sweat on your feet can leave an unpleasant smell and also make you uncomfortable. You need to be keen if you are experiencing this because sweat may lead to foot infections if not well addressed. You need to ensure that you are doing everything possible to keep it clean, fragrant, and fresh.

In this article, we have highlighted the simple steps that you can apply to control excessive Sweating. The steps range from natural, like keeping your feet clean, to the use of powders and sprays. So next time you wear your boot, make sure you have applied the method that fits you.

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