How to Size Cowboy Boots

by Jason Flores

Cowboy boots have a different fit when compared to standard sandals and sneakers. The question many ask is how fit is a cowboy boot? Cowboy boots tend to be slightly large in size and snug, but they are yet comfortable and provide a practical fit that can support your feet all day.

To make the best size cowboy boot, you need to know the various sizing of cowboy boots. Understand how the cowboy boot should fit, know the effects of wearing a wrong-sized cowboy boot and also be able to know the various types of cowboy boots available with their different sizes.

The best-sized cowboy boots should be able to fit comfortably and perfectly on your feet. It should ensure that your toes can wiggle freely within the toe box. The ankle and heel should have moderate room for them to feel comfortable, and it should allow you to hung your feet not too loose nor tightly.

How to Size Cowboy Boots
How to Size Cowboy Boots

What size cowboy boots should I buy? This is a question that many people ask themselves. Cowboy boots are wonderful for any occasion, and the right pair can really make an outfit go from good to great. The best thing about them is that there's no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to sizing these bad boys up! Here at Boot Barn, we want you to find your perfect pair of cowboy boots - so here's a handy cowboy boot size guide with measurements in inches and centimeters:

How to Size Cowboy Boots

  1. Stand barefoot on a flat surface
  2. Measure just below the arch of your foot (the widest part). If you don't have a ruler or measuring tape, try using the bottom of your shoe to find the correct length

- If the measurement is in centimeters, use conversion chart on the Boot Barn website.

- If your measurement was in inches, add two (or three) to get your approximate size. For example: if you measure between a 12 and 13 inch foot, we recommend getting an 11 or 12 boot for a tighter fit or an 14 for a looser fit

Ankle Height - 34″ Min US Men's Size - 16″ Taller Than Average Women's Shoe Size - Under Eu36/37 Euro Sizes

Women's Cowboy Boots are about as tall as men usually wear shoes outside of cowboy boots (about one inch shorter than women in most cases).

Sizing Cowboy Boots- Steps to Follow:

Step 1

When you place each foot on a sheet of paper or the damp sand, be sure to mark two yellow spots and two red ones where your feet are. It's important that these 2 pairs match up with the measurements in this picture when they're drawn right-side up! You can measure from heel to toe for one set of marks; then make another line straight across as shown below:

Step 2

To measure the length and width of your foot, use a ruler to trace two green lines on paper.

Step 2 For Sizing Cowboy Boots
Step 2 For Sizing Cowboy Boots

When measuring your foot size, measure both feet. If the measurement is between two sizes (or if you find out after measuring that one of your feet is noticeably larger than the other), always choose to go with a bigger size! It's better for comfort as well as avoiding any potential blisters or calluses from bunching up on smaller shoes.

Make sure to take measurements for both of your feet when buying new footwear and make sure they are in proportion - it will save time later figuring out which shoe fits best by being able to simply switch them around without having there be an awkward-sized gap left over due only carelessly going off what was measured first.

We all have different shapes and sizes, so the best way to know what size is right for you is by trying them on.

Standard width size for women :

A Narrow
B Average to medium
C Wide

Standard width sizes for men :

B Narrow
D Average to medium
EE Wide

Boot Length Chart

Sizing Boots Length
Sizing Boots Length

Boot Width Chart

Sizing Boots Width
Sizing Boots Width

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit?

Cowboy Boots Outfits
Cowboy Boots Outfits

If you want a boot with maximum comfort and an ideal fit, you should understand how your different parts feel when you are wearing them. It should begin from the ankles, heels, calves, and toes. It should not be too tight or loose, even if you are running, standing, or sitting. To have the best fit, there are important features you need to look at.

Important cowboy boot features to look at.

  1. Instep-this is the top part of your foot that requires to be snug. Considering that cowboy boots don't have laces, the part should be designed in a way that it ensures that your feet are comfortable and in the right place.
  2. Ball- this is the wide-area that bends whenever you are running or walking. A good one should fit the widest part of the sole of your shoe. In case of any mismatch, it will affect your feet and their movement in a significant way.
  3. Heel- some cowboy boots are known to have a slip slightly heel. The heel of a cowboy boot is vital, and some shoes have extra ½ inch slippage, which fades with time and therefore should not worry you.
  4. Toe space- most cowboy boot manufactures do make boots with a variety of shapes so that they can be able to accommodate the diverse structures of the toe of various people. To get the best fit cowboy boot, you can wear it and try to wiggle your toes inside. Those moves freely have the best fit and are comfortable.
  5. Heel lift- the space between the insole and heel plays a vital role in providing the perfect comfort to your feet. The best room should not be more than 1/8 inch. The boot will be significant when it is above, while the small figure indicates it is small.

How are Cowboy Boots Supposed to Fit?

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit Ariat
How Should Cowboy Boots Fit Ariat

Cowboy boots need to fit on your feet like gloves, snug which are not tight, and with some great flexibility. To choose the correct size cowboy boots, here are the tips to help you.

  • Wear your cowboy boots with the socks you plan to use with them when you are testing them. Thicker sock takes huge room inside the boot.
  • Use the correct orthotic or insoles you prefer that they have the best fit for the preferred boots. Pop it whenever you are testing the shoes.
  • Try testing your boots at the end of the day because most feet tend to swell during the day.
  • Stand up or sit and pull the boots on; trying them when the site is the easiest way. The best fit is the one that takes little effort when wearing them. It is a good indication of a perfect fit boot.
  • Check on the space left after wearing. The best fit cowboy boot should have a bit of space for movement and can allow you to wiggle your toes.
  • Have a little walk to feel how comfortable your feet are. A good fit doesn't make you experience any pressure when using the boot.

The effect of wearing a wrong sized cowboy boot

Wearing a cowboy boot with the wrong size brings discomfort to your feet and exposes your feet to various risks. Some of the risks are

  1. Neuropathy- this is a condition that is caused by numbs after wearing ill-fitting boots. It is a risk condition that is irreversible. So, a wrong size cowboy boot leads to the numb feeling which causes it.
  2. Feet deformities- wearing of a wrong size cowboy, but more significantly, a small-sized boot can bring out various deformities like hammertoes and calluses.
  3. Ankle sprain- wrong-sized cowboy boots may cause a sprain on your ankle.
  4. Ingrown toenails- small-sized cowboy boot can make your toenails grow onto the skin. This may, in turn, lead to an infection that will affect not only your toe but also your leg.

Tricks and tips for getting the perfect fit for your cowboy boot

  • If it is possible, measure your feet. Once you go to buy the boot, check on your size and buy it. Online buying will be good because you will know the exact size you need.
  • Always go with that, you know. If you have been using a given cowboy pair, you will have the added advantage of getting a perfect size.
  • Order or buy a boot that is ½ size larger if you are in between the sizes.
  • If you have a narrow fit and haven't found your size, go for a ½ smaller boot.
  • During the day, the feet tend to swell, and therefore the best time to go for your boot is during the afternoon.
  • The popping sound heard when wearing your boot for the first time is a good indication that your boot has the best fit.
  • Bring your insoles or orthotics if you like them and test with the preferred boot.

How to Put a Pair of Cowboy Boots on Properly

Most cowboy boots feature tabs on either side at the top of their shafts. While you are sitting, place your foot in the boot, pointing the foot in the normal way. With the help of the pull tab, push your foot gently into the boot up to the end without forcing your feet.

If the feet don't move and yet the feet haven't reached the end, then this means that the size isn't fit for your feet. Once the feet have entered, stand and try to push it to the end bit up to the moment it slips well on the footbed.

Your body weight is vital in pushing your feet to the heel section. By following this, you will have put on your cowboy boot perfectly.

How to Tighten a Stretched Cowboy Boot

Cowboy Boot Tightener
Cowboy Boot Tightener

If you realize that your boot is stretched after wearing them, you need to fill that gap to make it fit. There are two ways in which you can use to fill the gap and make your boot fit. The first method is using thicker socks that are suitable for that boot. Boots like wolverine features a cushioned sole to keep your feet warm and dry.

So, when there is a gap, you can tighten it by wearing a thicker sock. The second method you can use to tighten your boot is adding some insoles. You can add them in over the already existing soles. By doing so, you will have reduced the space and make your boot fit.

Final Thought

Having the perfect size for your cowboy boot is vital. A cowboy boot that perfectly fits on your feet is not only comfortable, but it promotes the health of your feet. They will make you concentrate on your work.

The consequences of wearing a wrong-sized cowboy boot are more than discomfort, and you may develop some health complications. It is good to check on the perfect size before you decide to buy any boot.

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