Best Cowboy Boots Made in USA

by James Miller

Cowboy boots are one of the top boots that represent an excellent lifestyle. In the USA, most of the cowboy boots are handcrafted in a unique design with high quality. Initially, the shoes were created for horse riders, but they have become a popular fashion among many people.

With the high demand for the boots, the market has experienced an increase in the item's number, and this has become difficult to choose the best cowboy boots. With the article, we have highlighted the top 10 best brands of cowboy boots in the market.

We have also highlighted the features that make them ideal as opposed to others.

Our Favorite Cowboy Boots Made in USA

10 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots for Work

10 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots for Work
10 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots for Work

1. Ariat Men's Heritage R Toe Western Cowboy Boot

ARIAT Mens Heritage Toe Western Boot, Black Deer Tan, 9 US
ARIAT Mens Heritage Toe Western Boot, Black Deer Tan, 9 US

Whenever cowboy boots that are made in the USA is mentioned, Ariat men's Heritage R Toe is one of them and is the best cowboy boots that is available in the market. This model features a classic R-toe for a look similar to the old days.

This boot has been around for decades now, and most people prefer it over the other. The cowboy boot features a rubber sole and heals are comfortable, making this boot great all days and night. The rubber holds up better if it rains. Therefore, its sole is light, clunky, and pliable.

Ariet men's Heritage has a perfect size option to pick. They are flexible to walk wherever you go. The boots are easy and comfortable to clean and give you a western look. They are designed classically, making them appeal to the rest. Art becomes a number brand to produce quality shoes to wear for your daily activities.

You will find out that if you do not need extra support for a more expensive model, consider Ariat Heritage R Toe in your shopping. The price of the end of the model-worthy features of the boot. For those who are after high quality and that fits well on your feet, you better get Ariat Men's Heritage R Toe Western.

Weight : 4.5 lbs

Upper : Leather lining


  • Exceptional comfort
  • Rubber bottoms
  • Rugged outsole
  • Good ankle support


  • The fitting can be too tight.

2. Ariat Men's Hybrid Rancher H2O

Ariat Men's Hybrid Rancher H2O Western Boot, Oily Distressed Brown, 12 Wide
Ariat Men's Hybrid Rancher H2O Western Boot, Oily Distressed Brown, 12 Wide

One of our favorite cowboy boots that are made in the USA is Ariat men's Hybrid Rancher H2O. It Features premium waterproof that gain leather foot and upper six-row stitch pattern. It provides for you the most advanced technology of the riding boots for the world athletes.

These are only Cowboy boots in the USA that can serve you for more months, even a year, perfectly. It helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout. The Ariat brand manufactures great boots that is why top among other industries.

The model is waterproof, and despite non-skid sole, they are still top well-stepping. The good thing with these boots offers exceptional stability used for hiking on rough terrain. However, if you are living somewhere warm, consider boots with ventilation.

But if you stay in a more relaxed area, these boots are an excellent option for you. The shoes also are comfort in walking miles together with steep incline and decline grade. Hybrid Rancher H2O offers you high-quality boots to use for the rest of your life. You can try these boots for the first time, and you will not experience disappointment.

Weight : 6lbs

Upper: Neoprene


  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Superior stability and performance
  • Full gain constructions


  • Sizing runs large

3. WOLVERINE Men's Rancher WPF Steel Toe Wellington Work Boot

Wolverine Men's Rancher Wpf Steel Toe Wellington Work Boot Black/Brown 10 M US
Wolverine Men's Rancher Wpf Steel Toe Wellington Work Boot Black/Brown 10 M US

This is another high-quality boot that is made from a wolverine. The Stylish wellington is flexible and comfortable for long days. It supports you when you are walking and riding. That is why we picked it among the best cowboy boots.

WOLVERINE Men's Rancher boots combine both superior materials and craftsmanship boots. Wolverine has been around for many years and belongs to the American brand. Therefore, no doubt, many previous users consider it again compared to other boots for the quality.

The insole of the boot is thicker make it feel tighter on top of the foot.

It is made of lightweight material that provides longevity to the boot. It also looks beautiful when you wear to feel like having something. I highly recommend WOLVERINE Men's Rancher WPF Steel Toe boots in the market. You can take a look if you need better and quality boot to serve you years to come. We have picked this for you.

Weight: 1.94 pounds

Upper : Grain leather


  • Waterproof constructed boots
  • Loosen up and fits perfectly
  • Steel toe boot


  • Boots fall apart faster.

4. Abilene Men's Bison Leather Cowboy Boot

Abilene Men's Bison Leather Cowboy Boot Medium Toe Tan 9.5 EE US
Abilene Men's Bison Leather Cowboy Boot Medium Toe Tan 9.5 EE US

If you are looking for the best cowboy boots, then get Abilene Men's Bison. This model allows you to use every day and feel safe. It looks simple but stylish in leather. The size is excellent and can fits you entirely.

They are designed as comfortable cowboy boots to walk around and function. These men boots have rubber sole reduce impact when you wear. I highly recommend this type of boots as one of the tops selected to wear.

With leather made of water resistance for hot and cold temperatures, you can cool material down to -40 degrees. It's stable to support you for the extra weight, so most users prefer it over the others. It fits you precisely according to the shoe size.

You will feel flexible and even able to run with it. The Abilene brand is located in America. For the boots that will serve, you consider Abilene men's boot.

Weight: 1.56lbs

Upper: Bison leather


  • Rubber sole
  • The flexible material and comfortable
  • Cushioned sole
  • Lightweight


  • Heavy

5. Justin Men's Bent Rail Distressed Cognac Cowboy Boot

Justin Men's Bent Rail Distressed Cognac Cowboy Boot Square Toe Brown 14 D(M) US
Justin Men's Bent Rail Distressed Cognac Cowboy Boot Square Toe Brown 14 D(M) US

Justin men's bent rail has been testified to give you vintage touch boot. The upper leather of the boot has good looking contrast stitch color with black leather. This boot has been there for a long period, and previous users prefer to wear it again.

It has handcrafted in the USA with quality material. However, the boot's general style gives you room for a variety type of boot leather activity. It is made with an outsole that offers you durability and flexibility for the lasting of your boot.

The color is a combination of the little standard brown work boot. Justine boot brand is a big company that produces high-quality material. The boots are comfortable to wear and walk around. You can use this boot for the multiple seasoned to determine solely for years to come.

You can select any of the cowboy brand models like this one. If you are looking for long-lasting boots, then we highly recommend Justine men's bent rail boots.

Weight : 4.56lbs

Uppe r: Leather lining/shaft


  • Leather sole
  • Double stitch welt
  • Waterproof
  • Great detailing
  • Wide feet


  • You may suggest one color boot
  • Can run small

6. Abilene boot

Best Cowboy Boots Made In Usa
Best Cowboy Boots Made In Usa


Abilene is one of the few brands in American cowboy still doing great in the market today. The company produces different types of boots of high-quality leather. You will love how they keep feet cool and comfortable when you wear.

Abilene is made with full-grain leather that is thick, tough, and built to last for a long time. This could be the best boot for you because it is made of quality leather. It features a rubber outsole for the maximum gripping power for cushion comfort.

The inner sole provides you with flexible comfort. The boot also has a Dri-lex internal liner that helps keep your feet dry and comfortable during use. The Abilene boot is lightweight and breathable as compared to many of the models.

This is great when you are walking outdoor. The shoes are designed to fit well and stand out among the rest. Even for serious work, you need to have this kind of boot to help you when working. Boots have fancy stitching at the toe. I highly recommend Abilene boot as one of the best in the market.

Weigh t: 3.38 lbs

Upper: Garment laced


  • Cushioned inside
  • Made of full-grain leather
  • Presence of oil resistance rubber
  • Keep your feet dry


  • Basic brown color only.


Best Cowboy Boots Made In Usa
Best Cowboy Boots Made In Usa


Are you looking for the best cowboy boots for your job? Well, if yes then Sheffield steel among the top in the list. The boot feels much lighter and brown. It features an innovative internal mouthguard that forms a comfortable and robust defense.

This boot comes with an added comfort footbed insert. They look deigned to be easy to pull on and dry, looking representable. That is why we recommend double as one of the best boot for you.

The boot has shock-absorbing PU insert to protects you from accidental electrification when wearing. It has a flexible and tough outsole brown leather. The good thing with this boot is easy to remove and absorb shock. You can enjoy and feel safe wearing a double boot. The double boot is safe and can serve you for an extended period.

That is why you could consider it over the other. Made of long-lasting quality and easy to clean. The comfort boot you purchase should last for years without going out stylish. If you are looking for a long-distance journey, then you can take advantage of owning double boots.

Weight: 7.5 pounds

Upper : Steel tor leather


  • Designed to fit
  • Good look for all sort
  • Lightweight
  • Made in the USA


  • Little expensive

8. L ucchese Queen of Heart

Best Cowboy Boots Made In Usa
Best Cowboy Boots Made In Usa


Lucchese Queen is a brand that is known for many years as one of the best boot manufactures. It has some of the best cowboy boots in the market. The style of the walking heel is great for anything that you spent on the saddle learning.

The boot provides you with comfort when you wear the boots. The upper leather used for the boots is of high quality, designed for the person's foot. I highly recommend Lucchese boots to anyone looking to purchase one soon.

Get the pair in one of the available in brown and always look perfectly presentation. This is a great boot for its value, and it can serve you for a long time. The leather of the shoes made personalize to fits anyone purchasing.

Lucchese has the option of the boots; you can order any that satisfied you. The boot is waterproof and durable to protect your ankles. If you are looking for the best quality cowboy boots, you better go for Lucchese Queen of Heart.

Weight : 6lbs

upper : taupe leather


  • Thick and strong
  • Versatile skin range
  • Easily made decorative
  • Simple style
  • Wide size range


  • May run wide

9. Nacona Boots Men's Randy Black Quill

Best Cowboy Boots Made In Usa
Best Cowboy Boots Made In Usa


The Randy Black Quill specifies what a hiking boot should look like in our views. The shoes are a unique brushes technique for polishing black leather. This pair does excellent in terms of decoration, so we consider this boot one of the best.

It takes you a few minutes to do with polishing. This boot features narrow around the toe with a unit heel that allows a comfortable fit for the cushioned insole provided. It gives you support and stability in all Nocona boots. It gives you excellent comfort for everyday use. If you need a classic boot, then we have RANDY BLACK on our list.

Nacona randy black quill is manufactured from the USA with imported material. Randy speaks of confidence, which is not in many other boots found in the market. Most people wear black when they want to get serious or visit official places with Randy Black Quill.

You are well covered. We believe you will be satisfied with the national comfort standard when using this boot on your daily activity. But for the price, this model is worthy of it.

Weight: 9 pounds

Upper: 13″ CLASSIC KID


  • Made in the USA
  • Stunning conversation design
  • Great ankle support
  • 100% leather
  • Quality shiny leather


  • Fitting issues
  • A bit expensive

10. Tony Lama Boots Men's Mastic

Best Cowboy Boots Made In Usa
Best Cowboy Boots Made In Usa


The tony lama boots men's mastic is our smooth leather sole with rubber grip surface. The boots are versatile that lies in a combination of color and easy fit. Its toe is round and unit heel that offers you relaxation fit and orthotic insole cushion.

This boot always looks cool, and you will be happy wearing it. As for the sizing, Tony, lama boot is always found a bit tight. That is why we recommend them for a long-distance place.

Tony lama's brand has been around for years now and doing great compare to others.

These boots are designed with a modest sporty car. Think of the cowboy boots you need to take tony lama as the best option. You were made perfectly to support the foot and guarantee you lasting comfort out of the saddle.

You will get to feel overwhelmed by the given boots. The boot is ready to handle most of the mud when it rains. Boots are durable and easy to maintain, surprisingly light on your feet.

Weight: 4lbs



  • Unit rubber heel
  • Medium shoe
  • Easy to repair
  • Great utilization look


  • Instructions not clear

Buying Guide

Best Cowboy Boots Made In Usa
Best Cowboy Boots Made In Usa

Choosing the best cowboy boot isn't easy. There are so many cowboy boots that are available in the market. To buy the best boot, consider the following factors.

The boot material

Cowboy boots are either made of synthetic, hippo leather, ostrich skin, or cow leather, among other material. It would be best if you went for the boot with a durable design, allowing you to wear them comfortably for an extended period. Check also if the external is waterproof and has improved flexibility.


Having a cowboy boot that is comfortable in your feet will be better than that brings discomfort. Do not buy a boot that will give you discomfort. Check if the boot can cushion you when you are wearing it for an extended period.

The cowboy boot toe shape

The toe-shape of the cowboy boots is one factor you need to consider before buying any boot. There are those with square, snip, point, and toe shape.

The uniqueness of the cowboy depends on the style you choose. Find the best cowboy boot with the perfect toe shape that will protect your feet.


We always need to have boots that provide us with the best snug fit. Small-sized boots can be tight, while the large cowboy boot will be loose and can't fit your feet well. Look for boots with a long arch and suitable outsole that can fit on your feet well.

Boot style

The cowboy boot style is also another factor you need to consider. Cowboy boots come in a variety of styles, and everyone has its preference. For a traditional cowboy, the vintage pair can be ideal, there are so many styles that can be more comfortable, and that can support your feet.

The cowboy looks

The look of the cowboy boot that you decide to buy is essential. Some will allow you to wear them comfortably and go to any occasion with ease. It's good to go for those boots with a unique design that you can wear both in causally. Ensure your choice has the right combination of durability and the look of the boot.


Cowboy boots are relatively costly. However, it's good to go for those relatively cheap boots and that you can afford. On average, the cost of the shoes is between 200 to 300 dollars. However, it would be best if you also considered the durability of the boot. In most cases, boots that are relatively higher in cost last longer as opposed to cheaper ones.


Why are cowboy boots so expensive?

Cowboy boots are expensive due to the details and leather material they are using. Usually, the cost can go up to 300 dollars or more. In most cases, the companies make them take time and concentration in coming up with the boot. In most cases, they use pure and real leather that is costly when compared to other materials.

What is the best brand of cowboy boots?

Choosing the best cowboy boot from the list isn't easy, considering all the boots are ideal. However, if you need the boot with high-quality, comfortable, and boots that are relatively affordable, then Ariat's cowboy boots are viewed to be the best for you. The boot has a variety of various styles that can meet your demands.

How much is a good pair of cowboy boots?

The cost of a good cowboy boot depends on the boot leather quality and technology that have been used in the boot. A boot with high-quality leather can cost between 100 and 200 dollars. The shoes with exquisite features will cost more due to the service they will provide to your feet.

Should I buy cowboy boots a size bigger?

Buying a cowboy boot that fits well on your feet is good. There are various sizes that cowboy boots come with, and I am sure your ideal size will be within the dimensions provided. Buying a cowboy boot with a bigger size is not good because it will be loose on your fit, and hence you may not feel comfortable.

Do cowboy boots stretch out?

Unlike other boots that can stretch, most cowboy boots do not stretch with time. So when buying, you're your boots, it's good to buy the boot that makes you feel comfortable from the start. Stretching can only be done manually by the maker or local maker to meet your needs.

Final thought

The cowboy boots made in the USA have become popular among men and women. Numerous cowboy boots are available, and most of them are comfortable. They feature decorative stitching that makes them attractive and eye-catching.

The boot has a pointed toe that is pointed and which makes them famous among lovers. The best boot is the one that can meet your needs. Several companies are known for producing high-quality cowboy boots within the USA. When choosing your brand, ensure that you have considered the factors we have highlighted.

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