Different Types of Heels in Cowboy Boots

by Jason Flores

Buying a cowboy boot may seem to be simple enough to some people. However, buying a cowboy boot with the right size and style of the heel that perfectly meets your needs and work demand isn’t easy. Various types of heels on cowboy boots have different styles and different heights.

When buying your boots, knowing the types of heels on cowboy boots you want is vital. The heel is one of the most striking features of good cowboy boots. For instance, cowboy boots with lower heels are suitable for walking, running, or farming, while those with high heels are horseback riding or fashion.

The cowboy heels can be categorized into various types. However, there are 4 main types which are subdivided.

Different Types of Heels in Cowboy Boots
Different Types of Heels in Cowboy Boots

4 Types of Heels on Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots Heels Types
Cowboy Boots Heels Types
  • High Heels
  • Spiked Heels
  • Standard Heels
  • Low Heels

Each of these heels has a significant effect on the decision you make about your cowboy boots.

High Heel Cowboy Boots

High Heel Cowboy Boots Mens
High Heel Cowboy Boots Mens

The high heel cowboy boot is that traditional cowboy boot heel that is not common to many. However, the heel is usually preferred to those guys that like to add their overall height by wearing the boot. These heels can be good in horse riding but not ideal for working.

The high heels of cowboy boots are about 2 inches high or more. High heels are found in various cowboy boots like fashion boots, riding boots, among others. This makes the heel to be subdivided into riding heels and fashion heels.

Fashion Heels Cowboy Boots

Fashion heels are taller by over 3 inches and are experienced in cowboy boots for women. The heels, however, are not good at horse riding; instead it is used for beauty and femininity by girls who like fashion. The big issue with the heel is that they don’t bring convenience and flexibility when you walk.

Riding-Heel Cowboy Boots

These are the heels that provide stability and balance when horse riding. The heels feature an expansive nook along with the high and slanted heels that make it easy for cowboy boots to slip up into the stirrup. The heels have pleasing aesthetics, and that is why most cowboys and cowgirls love the heel.

However, the heels are best for horse riding because they are stable, comfortable, and balanced. If you are those people who like to walk comfortably and flexibly, this high heel is not for you. They are designed to provide confidence, swagger looks, and a little arrogance to the real cowboy fanatics.

Traditional cowboy boots are made of high heels. These heels are not 90 degrees upright, but they are a bit slanted. The slanting heels help to keep the cowboy boot from slipping when your stirrup. They are also ideal for fashion and horse riding and not walking.

Spiked Heels Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots With Spurs
Cowboy Boots With Spurs

These types of heels on cowboy boots are well known for fashion as they are more of that. They are a kind of high heel boot, but its heel is 3-4 inches high. They are good at adding the overall height of users. Unlike the high heel that may have a broad and flat bottom, the spiked heel is narrow, and this is what makes them different.  

Standard Heels Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots Heel Height
Cowboy Boots Heel Height

The standard heels refer to those cowboy boots with heels about 1.5 inches high. The heels are known for their flat and wide bottoms. Most cowboy boots have this kind of heels because they are said to have a good balance.

They are the ideal heels for riding, walking, and doing other activities like ranch walking. These are the heels that are used for all types of activities. They can be subdivided into

Walking Heels Cowboy Boots

Walking heels are those heels that come with standard height, and they are known as western work boots, stockman among others. These kinds of heels are famous because they are suitable for a variety of works.  The flat and wide bottoms make the user flexible and comfortable when walking.

The walking heels cowboy boots can be used in outdoor work or office work. The feet feel relaxed even when you use the cowboy boot with walking heels boots. One of the drawbacks of these heels is that they can’t support you in horse riding as the riding heel does. They only have a standard look that is appearing then riding heels.

The Fowler Heels Cowboy Boots

These are other types of heels on cowboy boots that you can get in the market. They come in two forms, straight and slanted heels. They are a form of standard heels which are suitable for working on farms and with a western cowboy style. The slanted heels angle backward in a formal way with a high-end design.

These boots are more for going out, and they can also be used in normal walking or hooking into stirrups. The straight-cut heels are the alternative to the slanted fowler heels. The difference is how they are cut, and the straight cut is more stable and comfortable heels for walking.

Low Heel Cowboy Boots

Low Heel Cowboy Boots Womens
Low Heel Cowboy Boots Womens

These are the shortest heels in cowboy boots. They are wider, flat at the bottom and their inch height is below 1. They are mainly used by ropers who like using low heel cowboy boots because they make them easy to run.  They are referred to as roper heels.

Roper Heel Cowboy Boots

Roper heels are an excellent example of low heels. The heels are a hybrid of dress and cowboy boots, and therefore they have a powerful west American cowboy style and British elegance. They provide a wide and flat bottom like the walking heels do.

Roper heels are more advantageous than walking heels because they can be used in any activity outdoors or indoors. Many people use the roper heel style cowboy boots in farm and ranch works because they are light. The others prefer to use them in their offices because they have an elegant look.


Which Kind of Heels Should I Choose?

Deciding on which of the heels we have discussed you will choose depends on your preferences. Each heel has its own merits and demerits, and the choice you will take will be based on your purpose.

If you prefer a cowboy boot with a heel that will provide you confidence and an arrogant look, then you need to think of high heels. But if you need a cowboy boot that will be comfortable and flexible all day, then go for either cowboy boots with standard or low heels. It is you who decides which purpose will suit your needs.  

What Is It Used to Make Cowboy Heels?

Cowboy boot heels are made from different materials. However, leather, synthetic, and rubber are the primary materials that are used mostly. Cowboy boots that are made of rubber heel caps are said to be more stable compared to others. However, the best heels for you depend on your purpose.

If you need a cowboy boot with a balanced and stable base, choose the cowboy boots made of synthetic or rubber heels. This is because these heels are anti-slip and stable and have better durability compared to leather heels.

But if you need a cowboy boot ideal for dancing, then leather heels boots are ideal. This is because they have slip heels and soles that make it easy to dance. They are the best choice for these activities.

What Makes Cowboy Boots so Slippery?

At the start, cowboy boots were initially used by farmers as they roamed their pasture with their horses. In this case, they required a slick outsole that was easy to slip in or out of the stirrup smoothly and efficiently. They found hooked tightly cowboy boots were not ideal in slipping out of the stirrup.

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When also attending a line dance party, you need to spin and kick to make the best dancing moves. To achieve this, the outsole of your cowboy boots needs to be slippery. This is why the leather soles cowboy boots are preferred because of their excellent slippage.

What Are Underslung Heels?

These are tall heels that are also referred to as Cuban heels, which are used to keep the rider’s foot from slipping out via stirrup. They make the posture change and affect the gait of those that are wearing the high-heeled cowboy boots. They are purposely made to support the heel born of the feet when you strike off to the ground.

Final Thought

Cowboy boots have different heels that are made of different materials with different heights. To find the best cowboy boot with the best heel, you need to understand which types of heels on cowboy boots serves your needs. If you can know this, you will get the best cowboy boot with the best heel.

There is also a need to do good research on each heel and know the characteristics they have. In this article, we have addressed the significant cowboy boot heels that are in the market. We have also tried to mention which area or occasion they are perfect in. it is up to you to read and understand them as you choose the perfect option for you.

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