How to Break in Cowboy Boots

by James Miller

Getting the right cowboy boots size, especially when buying a new cowboy boot, is not easy. Even if you know your size, you might not get it right because most cowboy boots are made of genuine leather that is hard to put on.

The heel, toe, shaft, and sole of the cowboy boot are all new, and when you wear them, they may cause some discomfort and pain. This is why most people see cowboy boots as uncomfortable due to the leather.  Despite all these, this leather has good elasticity, and the more you use it, the more it becomes firm and soft.

9 Ways to Break in Your Cowboy Boots

Break In Cowboy Boots Fast
Break In Cowboy Boots Fast

To ensure that no discomfort might lead to blisters or injuries, it is paramount to learn how to make the boot better. For you to do it, there are various ways you can use to break in your shoes. We have selected some top quick and easy ways to break in your cowboy boots for easy transition of your footwear.

How to Break in Cowboy Boots
How to Break in Cowboy Boots

Immersion Method

Immersing the cowboy boot in water is one of the easiest methods of breaking in the cowboy boots.  To achieve this, submerge each boot in a bucket full of water for about 3 minutes and later wear the boots lined with plastic and continue with your task.

This method not only molds your boot but also takes the shape of your feet when they dry. The method is effective, although some associate the technique with anti-microbial and anti-odor resistance. This is because wearing a wet boot can lead to the formation of odor that may lead to microbes.

Water Spray Method

If you are uncomfortable with the full submerging of the cowboy boots with water, you can opt for water spray on the boot. The method, to some extent, is similar, although here, the amount of water used is more minor. The method, however, is helpful as it reduces the chances of damaging your boots.

You need to fill up the spray bottle with water and then spray the water on the outside areas of your cowboy boots. Spray in the areas with a problem like the toes, cup, shaft, and others.  You can also apply a leather conditioner to boost the boots’ waterproof quality.

The Use of Leather Conditioner

Boot Leather Conditioner
Boot Leather Conditioner

The leather conditioner not only boosts the waterproofing of your leather cowboy boots but also forms a vital part in learning how to break in cowboy boots easily. The leather conditioner is made in a way that expands the leather fibers of the cowboy boots.

This expansion by leather conditioner will be more comfortable to wear over a long period. Using the leather conditioner is easy as it comes with easy to follow procedure. The product will make the leather cowboy boot soft and flexible.

The Use of Boot Shapers and Boo Stretcher

 As we mentioned, newly bought cowboy boots can be uncomfortable. The use of a boot stretcher combined with boot sharper is one of the speed methods to break in the boot easily. This method helps to boost the boot stretch to an extent they will be easy to wear and have a perfect fit on your feet.

The method also maintains the cowboy boots’ original shape. Cowboy boots have a higher shaft than the other boots, and therefore it is good to retain their original shape. This method maintains that and ensures that your cowboy boot fits you well and it is flexible.

The Use of a Hair Dryer

The hair dryer can be another best method you can apply to make your cowboy boot break in quickly. You need to heat the inside part of the cowboy boot with the hair dryer. Warm up the features of the cowboy boot that makes you uncomfortable. Be keen on this, don’t overheat it because the boot might fade.

The hair dryer will help to promote the break-in process of the cowboy boots. The parts like the boot shaft and shoe toe will be made soft and flexible. This will make you have a perfect fit. You can apply boot conditioner to make it smoother and more waterproof.

Wearing the Boot at Home

Wearing your cowboy boot at your house periodically can also help break in easily with your cowboy boots. It would be best if you did this regularly before coming out to wear them for an extended period. In addition to this, you can wear your boot for 2 to 3 hours every day to let your feet have a perfect fit with the boot.

Although this method requires patience, it is one of the safest methods you can use to break in your cowboy boots other than using the professional stretcher. You need to give this method a shot if you struggle with another method. The method is not only cheap but also a secure and perfect fit. 

The Use of Alcohol

It seems today you will have a good reason why you will go to your grocery to buy alcohol. The main purpose of boot stretch of the new boot is to make the leather soft and easy to break in. With alcohol, rub it inside of the cowboy boot and the parts that your feet are uncomfortable with. By the time the alcohol while evaporate, the cowboy boot will be soft and comfortable.

The Use of Ice

Boot For Walking On Ice
Boot For Walking On Ice

The use of ice is another cheap method that you can use to break in your cowboy boots. The method might sound strange, but it is a unique method to help you achieve your goal. The procedure of doing this is straightforward.

Prepare a plastic bag and put it inside your boot, and fill it with water. The water amount in the boot needs to be somehow tight with the cowboy boots. Place the boot on the freezer of your refrigerator overnight. Remove the ice from the boot in the morning and try to wear the boot. The ice will make the inside boot relax and have a perfect fit when you wear the boot.

The Use of Boot Tree

Boot tree is another top method that can help to break in your cowboy boot. The boot trees are essential in keeping the boot shape and dehumidify the cowboy boots. However, you can use the boot trees can support the break-in process in the cowboy boot.

You need to insert boot trees in the cowboy boot overnight. The boot tree is good in the rainy season as it can absorb moisture and keep your boot from shrinking due to temperature changes. The boot tree will help to restore the original shape of the cowboy boots.

Wearing the Cowboy Boots Even at Bedtime

Kids Wear Cowboy Boots In Bed
Kids Wear Cowboy Boots In Bed

There is some narrative that wearing cowboy boots at bed can help to break in your cowboy boots. To me, this isn’t making any sense at all; instead, you will be hurting your feet. When you sleep, your feet get relaxed, and therefore it is difficult for you to expand and make it break in quickly.

This process not only affects your sleep but also causes some serious health challenges on your feet. While at a night of sleep, your feet will be swollen, and you might feel some pain in the morning and even be unable to walk. Believe in me if you do not want to hurt yourself to that extend. 



What is the best way to break in a cowboy boot?

The first step towards breaking in your cowboy boot is the use of your feet. If you use the feet well, you won’t experience pain; instead, you will develop a perfect fit for your feet. To do this method perfectly, wear your boot with a thick sock, and believe me, all will go well.

How long will it take to break in cowboy boots?

Depending on how long you use your cowboy boot, if you use your boot within 5 to 7 days within one week, you will accelerate the break-in process. And within one week, you will have a successful boot break-in. However, this depends on how you use the method; however, an average period of one to two weeks will be the perfect period.

Final Thought

With these best methods on how to break in your cowboy boot fast, you won’t get it difficult. Each of the methods we have looked at guarantees your success, although the execution and duration vary from one method to another.

 All that is required is to be patient and follow the right procedures. When using some methods, you need to ensure your feet stay safe and also protect your boot. This is to ensure that the cowboy boots are not damaged, and their shape is retained.

Breaking in cowboy boots can be done at home or go for a professional individual. All the methods we have highlighted will help you to break in your cowboy boot with ease easily.

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