3 Best Handmade Cowboy Boots

by Jason Flores

You can agree with me, guys, that the pride that one gets when he/she is wearing USA branded handmade boots is beyond imagination. To me, this is a pride that gives me a fulfilling experience that I always dream every day. Most of us wearing a handmade American cowboy brand is a thing of national pride.
Despite that some companies prefer to import their boots, some make quality cowboy boots here. This article provides you with the best three handmade brands that are made in America and are doing well in the market. I have done good research to come up with the most comfortable western work boots.

Top Choice: 5 Best Handmade Cowboy Boots

Best Handmade Cowboy Boots Reviews

here are the 3 best handmade cowboy boots reviews that worth the money.

3 Best Handmade Cowboy Boots
3 Best Handmade Cowboy Boots

1. Men's Genuine Leather Crocodile Print 3X Cowboy Boots

Men's Genuine Leather Crocodile Print 3X Cowboy Boots Handmade (10) Black-red
Men's Genuine Leather Crocodile Print 3X Cowboy Boots Handmade (10) Black-red

Crocodile Print 3X cowboy boot is a 100% handcrafted boot, and they are the best cowboy alternative boot for those who know the value of a boot with genuine leather. Each boot's pair is combined from the finest leather and skin that provides you with the best walking experience.
The leather quality is excellent. The boot's genuine cowhide crocodile belly print leather, the heel of 1.5-inches, and 13-inch hand-stitched upper shafts make it durable and have excellent heel support. Its insoles are also well-cushioned as they have a leather lining and leather piping for total feet protection.
The outsole has replaced the traditional leather outsole and comes up with a steel shank to prevent any object from penetrating the boot from underneath. These 3x Toe Profile boots are lighter and tighter and therefore suitable for those with narrow feet.

What I like

  • High-quality handmade craftmanship
  • Attractive and stylish design
  • Completely made in the USA
  • All the boots are but together by finest skin and leather that have great comfort.

What isn't good with them

  • It comes in a limited size which might not be suitable for others.

2. Cuadra Fashion Cowgirl Women's Boots Golden Color

CUADRA Fashion Cowgirl Womens Boots Golden Color - Cowhide Leather - Handmade - Sizes From 6 To 9.5 (7.5 B(M) US)
CUADRA Fashion Cowgirl Womens Boots Golden Color - Cowhide Leather - Handmade - Sizes From 6 To 9.5 (7.5 B(M) US)

Cuadra Fashion Cowgirl women's boot is a tall women's boots made of bovine leather and a loose tube that is comfortable to wear. The boots feature a harness on the front, back, and sides of the boot are made of metallic applications that make the boot durable and comfortable for use.

The upper is made of leather that should not be rubbed with objects to avoid damaging the leather and rubber soles with good traction. Its heel is 2 7/8 inches high and a shaft of 13 inches; this makes it stylish for women and provides the necessary support. The leather sole is a TPU injection meaning it is the best one compared to another handmade boot.

This purely American handmade is well designed in that when you wear them, you look like the real cowgirl princess. The craftsmanship that has been applied here is superb. The golden color boot comes in sizes that range from 6 to 9.5; hence you can get the best size from the range.

What I like about this boot

  • They are stylish and beautiful
  • High-quality and comfortable boot to wear
  • It fits perfectly on different feet

What I don't like

  • They can be damaged easily if they are exposed to sharp objects
  • Cleaning them requires one to be careful more, especially on rubbing the upper side.

3. Lucchese Men's Handmade Classics Caiman Ultra Belly Cowboy Boot

Lucchese Men's Handmade Classics Caiman Ultra Belly Cowboy Boot Medium Toe Black 10 EE US
Lucchese Men's Handmade Classics Caiman Ultra Belly Cowboy Boot Medium Toe Black 10 EE US

Lucchese men's boot is an exceptional handmade quality, stylish and durable leather-made boot. This is that boot that once you wear, you will appreciate it for life. The finest grade leather is the materials that have been used to handcraft every inch, and every step has been done carefully and with outstanding innovation.

It features a caiman ultra-belly leather with a shaft that measures 12 inches and a heel of 1 3/8 inches, making it perfect for walking and providing the required stability to your feet. His smooth sole is made from rubber that has a high-quality grip on various surfaces. Its toe is medium-sized for better toe protection.

The distressed leather is 100% genuine, and it provides excellent flexibility, lifelong and quick to break in. The good thing with this boot is that it has received a nice compliment from all those who like handcrafted American boots.

What I like with the boot

  • Has true fitting size
  • It comes in a wide variety of colors and looks stylish
  • The leather quality is excellent
  • It is highly comfortable in walking with them
  • They are easy to break-in

What I don't like with the boot

  • They are a bit narrow and therefore not ideal for those with wide feet.

Buying Guide

Handmade Custom Cowboy Boots
Handmade Custom Cowboy Boots

The features to look at when buying the best handmade cowboy boots

Buying handmade cowboy boots is somehow tricky. If you are not familiar with the best available American handmade boots, you might buy something that isn't true or not of top quality. To achieve the best western boots for you, consider

The Comfort Level

The comfort you get from your boot is the number one factor you need to look at; if you have a cowboy boot that gives you pain or have uncomfortable experience as you walk, you need to rethink it. With handmade, you need to measure the boot's correct size and that it has a shorter break-in.
Most handmade break in quickly, and this makes them have superb comfort as you walk. The other thing to look at is the excellent arch support, the outsole comfort, internal lining, and shaft height. All these factors are essential because they ensure that you have an excellent comfort level in your feet.

Construction Standards

The overall craftsmanship quality of the boot is also vital. Most handmade cowboy boots made in the USA are built from high-quality material that is durable and defect-free. The handmade boots are highly crafted to make sure that quality and durability have been achieved.
With this, you need to check on a few things like outsole support, comfortable fitting, material quality, stitching level, stylish looks, and shaft height. Boots that meets these parameters or that surpasses them are considered to be a model that has an excellent craftmanship.

The Leather Quality

The overall leather quality used in a handmade material is also vital. An excellent handmade boot is made from 100% genuine leather and full-grain leather. Boots with this leather material are durable and don't deteriorate quickly like others. The material provides good support and comfort.

Design and Style

Most modern handmade cowboy boots come with many attractive and colorful styles, vibrant colors present, and stitching details. This unique style and design make the boots to be attractive to most lovers of them. If you need a western boot, then it is good to choose that one that has a beautiful style and design.

Size Fitting

There is joy when you realize that you have found the best handmade boot that perfectly fits on your feet. Wearing a boot with improper sizes may not only hurt your feet but may also make you feel discomfort or cause some disorders to your feet.

Some have wide feet, while others have narrow-sized feet. Depending on your feet size, choose the cowboy boot that fits you well to avoid all this. The best way to get a boot with your perfect match is to buy that with a half size shorter than your current foot size.

Custom Made Cowboy Boots
Custom Made Cowboy Boots

FAQ for Handmade Cowboy Boots

How much do custom-made cowboy boots cost?

The average start cost for custom handmade depends on the brands you are about to purchase. However, the average cost of a custom boot is something between $ 170. Some can go up to $600 depending on the retailer and other specific qualities in each brand.

Are Tecovas boots good?

Tecovas requires several steps to come up with a single handmade boot of high quality and finish. The best thing with this Tecovas brand boot is that they are cool, and the material used to make them is of good quality that will last for some good years.

Do real cowboys wear square toe boots?

With their pointed toe, square toes are classic in style and look real like traditional books for cowboy boots. The boots are comfortable with a perfect wide foot, and therefore it is excellent for those that experience foot swelling.

What boots do real cowboys wear?

Two main common cowboy boots are in the market, the roper and classic or western type. The classic style has a tall boot shaft and a heel that is one inch high; there are also angled and walking heels. These are the real cowboy wear like on the boots.

Why do cowboy boots have a pointed toe?

For a boot to qualify to be a cowboy boot, there are a few rules that it must fulfill for it to qualify. And every feature has a purpose or it. In most cases, they have tons of different natures ranging from pointed to rounded toe, which helps the foot to stirrup easily. A real cowboy boot pulls on its boots.

Final Thought

These western boots we have reviewed are amazing. If there was a meal equivalent to handmade boots, those three boots would be there. These are our best three handmade western boots made in the USA; you need to check them out in the market if you need the top-quality boot.

We hope that the handmade cowboy boots we have highlighted will lead you in the direction of getting a favorite pair that meets your needs. To add to that, we have seen the key considerations you can use to pick the best from either of the three. Be assured that you will have the best experience you haven't found with other cowboy boots by picking any of the three.

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Jason Flores is a multi-talented individual whose unique journey has led him to blend his passion for craftsmanship and fashion into a creative endeavor. During his formative years, he found himself immersed in the world of handiwork, spending countless hours in his grandfather's workshop. These early experiences allowed him to develop a deep understanding of practical skills and a keen eye for detail.

Simultaneously, Jason harbored an innate love for fashion, drawn to the artistry and self-expression it offers. As he grew older, he recognized the potential to combine his proficiency in craftsmanship with his fashion sensibilities. This realization led him to a path where he began to explore and write about the intersection of fieldwork fashion.

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