How to Use Mink Oil

by Jason Flores

Mink is oil that is part of creams as a byproduct in the development of cosmetic and medical products. As the name suggests, the oil harvested from the Mink’s is a product rendered from the insulating fat layer found under the Mink’s skin. Its use is often prevalent in European-made cosmetic products. The rare oil is also known to be a byproduct of shoe creams.

Do you know the benefits of mink oil?  The significant nourishing advantage of using creams and products made using this oil is that it adds an extra bump into the moisturizing effect of the cream and the protection offered by the cream.

The Mink is an animal that is part of the weasel's animal clan, and they share the same body orientation, characterized by long, curved bodies that happen to adapt well to both land and water. Their nutritious oil also has a significant impact on the Mink’s appearance. Minks have a characteristic where they have soft furs that are compulsory to make luxurious coats.

How to Use Mink Oil
How to Use Mink Oil

In traditional society, mink oil was harvested after the harvester killed the Mink for their pelts. The process of gathering the oil involved a cleaning process where the thick layer of fat was stripped away and rendered into the oil.

This harvesting technique is still widely used; however, with more cosmetic firms arising, a more humane solution to harvesting the oil has been developed. In this method, small amounts of mink oil we gathered from minks that are alive. A needle is inserted into the abdomen of the Mink, an area where large amounts of fat often collect.

Do you know why Mink oil used in cosmetics?  The reason behind the massive preference for mink oil in cosmetics and moisturizing creams is that the oil contains about 17% of palmitoleic acid, an essential fatty acid found in human beings. The body uses palmitoleic acid to moisturize and lubricate the skin.

Researchers discovered that leather shoes could also benefit from this oil, especially if combined with waterproofs. The nutrition effect where the skin is moisturized is also the same when a leather shoe is glazed with shoe creams with a hint of mink oil.

Mink Oil Effect on Leather

Mink oil is not the only ointment that you can use on leather. You can use oils like coconut oil, neat’s-foot oil, and vegetable oil on leather shoes only to condition or restore nutrition to the boot. Mink oil adds an extra effect on the leather boots whereby the oil provides waterproof protection to the leather.

1. Conditions the Leather

After a while, leather gradually loses its natural oils. You can easily restore this natural oil by applying mink oil. Oil soaks into leather deeply because it is a highly permeable material. The leather becomes supple after it is soaked in mink oil.

2. It helps to preserve leather

Due to its long history and proven ability to preserve both finished and unfinished leather, mink oil is generally thought of as a good leather preserver.

3. Makes it a Solid Treat

Mink oil covers your leather in a comprehensive oil treatment. Animal skin is made into leather, and it is used for goods when it is obtained. A quality piece of leather, however, still requires some care in order to possess all of its desirable qualities.

4. Protects leather from water

A leather item can be waterproofed with mink oil simply because it provides the leather item with high resistance to liquids. It becomes highly-resistant to liquids, rather than just soaking them up by applying mink oil..

5. Provides a softer touch to leather

The high amount of palmitoleic acid in mink oil makes its leather extremely supple. When it comes to softening leather and restoring its natural elasticity, mink oil can be a great choice.

6. It protects the leather from the weather

Your leather items will remain weather-resistant if you use mink oil. In general, leather products make excellent investments, and so they should be protected like every other investment.

7. Solidifies the color of leather

If you apply mink oil to leather, it will usually darken it. Many people consider this a huge disadvantage, however having a leather that has lost some of its color when it is an older piece of leather can be a big advantage.

How to Use Mink Oil

Are you thinking of using mink oil on leather boots? When using mink oil on leather boots, it will generally make the brown leather darker. The process of applying Mink is pretty straightforward. When using mink oil, the main things you need are a hand glove, mink oil, microfiber, and a leather boot.

Step 1:

The first step in applying the oil is to ensure that your leather boot is clean and dry. Once you have cleaned your boot and dried it, you can use the oil on the leather.

Step 2:

Have your glove on and open the mink oil container. Identifying where you will apply the leather general entails knowing where you will start and complete the application process.

Step 3:

Take the paste using your hand and start applying it to the leather. The boot concentrates the application on the seamsfirst since it breaks down the threads that moisture and dirt have accumulated. As you rub on the mink oil, you will notice the leather takes on a darker color.

Step 4:

It is advisable to start from the bottom of the boot towards the ankle area. Evenly apply the mink oil, making sure not to concentrate on one place more than others. Once done using the oil on the first boot, please wait for it to dry forapproximately five minutes. At this time, you can start applying the second leather boot.

Step 5:

After applying the mink oil on the leather and letting it dry for around five minutes, you can start rubbing the area where the application has been made using a microfiber. Work the microfiber on areas where you have applied the mink oil and work the more to get the gunk on these areas. This process is wiping off the excess area where the mink oil has been applied.

Another coat can be applied the next day if you’re not satisfied with your results.

Considerations for Using Mink Oil

Is mink oil bad for leather? Mink oil is an organic produce factor that makes it an excellent spread for all leather products, which include: oil-tanned leather, top-grain leather, full-grained leather, and corrected leather.  Its general use makes the leather water-resistant, more flexible, and luster. Below are the considerations that you should have in mind.

  • What are some of the considerations you should make when dealing with Mink oil? Do you have any concerns? As much as the oil creates several benefits, there is several considerations that you should keep in mind to help you prevent the destruction of your leather.
  • Do not apply mink oil to new shoes. The reason behind this consideration is that oiling new boots when the break-in period is in progress might result in the sloppy fitting of the boot. To get that perfect fit, you can use other products like mold to ease the leather breaking process.
  • When wiping the leather with microfiber, it is essential to be careful not to overwork the leather and pay more attention to the areas around the seams. Wipe the excess area where mink oil has been applied.
  • Do not apply any mink oil on light-colored leather boots since the oil will produce oxides and darken the boot.
  • Do not use mink oil on suede boots.
  • It is important to consider the number of times you apply mink oil to your boots; in this consideration, you should not apply mink oil to leather boots or material more than two times a week. The boot or leather product might rot, or the stitching hardened when too much mink oil is used.
  • After applying mink oil, you should not let it stay on the boot for more than eleven hours since the oil might create a dampening effect and make the leather smell.
  • Lastly, a leather product like a boot or a couch is only as good as how you take care of it. Keeping your leather product dry and moisturized will sure that you get long-term use of the product. You need to consider between leather conditioners and mink oil because all leather conditioners used on leather are only effective on leather products with minimal exposure to dirt. In contrast, mink oil is an ointment that is ideal for leather products that see a lot of grease, dirt, and wear.

How Often Should Mink Oil Be Used On Leather?

Are your boots dry? Nobody fancies dried-up boots or boots that have cracks. Mink oil is the perfect solution for your worn-out shoe that needs restoration and moistening.  Even though the many benefits brought on to a leather shoe from the Mink oil are advisable to regulate the number of times you use the oil on your leather boot.

So how often should I use Mink oil on my leather shoes? The answer to this question is to use the Mink oil only two times a week.  The continued use of Mink oil on leather shoes and boots can lead to the build-up of moisture within the boot a cause rot in the boot leather, causing long-term effects.

If the mink oil is pleasing, give your leather a wax coating with it to enhance its waterproofing capabilities.  You should only apply the oil once or less than two times a year.

Parting shot

If you take care of your leather boots, they will take care of you. Mink oil is an ideal way of ensuring your boot remains moisturize and waterproof. This information will help you in the following leather mink oil applications and help you advise your friends on the benefits of having an equal spread of mink oil on your boots. Lastly, the mink oil is only as good as how you take care of your boot; keeping the inside of your boot clean and dry is just as important as keeping the outside of your boot waterproof and moisturized.

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