What Causes Skin To Split Under Toes

by Jason Flores

What causes skin to split under toes is a most asked question when we notice an unfamiliar toe split.

skin to split under toes is a thing that affects both healthy and sick elders. This problem affects the toddler's toe skin too. Dry or moist feet is the most common factor behind this problem. Wrong size shoe or rough shoe is another common reason behind toe splits. Apart from these, various reasons cause itching, redness, and peeling of toe skins. Splits or cracks between or under the toe skins need proper care and treatment. If not, these cracks and splits may result in bigger foot skin diseases.

Let's read this article to know the causes skin to split under toes, also the remedies.

What Causes Skin To Split Under Toes
What Causes Skin To Split Under Toes

Reasons Behind Cracks and Fissures

Skin Fissure Ball Of Foot
Skin Fissure Ball Of Foot

Because of dry settings, the natural moisture of your feet evaporates. As a result, your feet experience dry cracks without cuts. Again, moist or damp feet are prone to bacteria and fungi, eventually leading to cracks.

Too much use of soap makes the toe skins sick as hell. Unlimited use of soap can make your toe skin rough. Rough skin causes itchiness and split.

Chilly winter or cold environment causes cracks in the heels specifically.

Leather and nylon shoes, non-cotton socks, tight shoes, plants, fragrances, cleaning chemicals, cosmetics create allergic reactions on feet/toes. Allergens like these create itchiness. Too much itching tears the skin apart.

Swimmers and people who share the public bath often suffer from Athlete's foot. It is an infection that creates rash, itchiness, dryness, white spots and peeling between or under or above the toes.

Inflammatory diseases or medicines that cause inflammation create a burning sensation on the toe skin. The outcome is, blisters and sores are visible under or between toes.

Diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood pressure weaken the immunity system of our body. They cause brittle, burns, sores, cracks, and splits in toes.

Editors' Top Picks for Remedies for Kin to Split Under Toes or Dry Cracked Heels

Remedies for Skin To Split Under Toes

Cracked Skin On Big Toe Remedy
Cracked Skin On Big Toe Remedy

The easiest and simplest remedy is to dry the feet, especially the toes, properly. Enough sunlight and open air are the most necessary natural medicines to prevent splits.

A healthy and hygienic environment is a must for the wellbeing of the foot. Make sure that the places you live in or visit are neither too dry nor too damp. Besides, try not to share your belongings with others. And avoid being close to a person who has an athlete's foot or infections.

Keep the diet of your and your family balanced yet nutritious. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and try to have a routine health check-up. Keep your child away from pollution, insects, and harmful chemicals.

Never forget to check your feet daily. Wear comfortable socks and shoes to avoid blisters and swellings and to protect your feet in cold weather. Lessen the use of soaps and other foot cosmetics.

Before using any medicine on your toes, read the instructions carefully. The best thing you can do is, hear your skin specialist's advice. Even before using purely natural elements to treat the splits, talk to the skin specialist first.

Vaseline prevents mild cuts or splits, or sores from spreading. You can use it if you have a mild cut under the toe. You can use antiseptic powder and coconut oil too. Mix them in the right ratio, rub them gently on the affected area.

FAQs for Skin Toes Split

Why does the skin under my toes split?

Inflammation, chemicals, direct contact with an allergen, extreme hygiene, athlete's foot are responsible for the split skin under or between toes. Long-term medication and dermatophytes cause inflammation, and it affects the toe skin. Frequent use of soaps swallows the natural moisture of foot skin and causes a split followed by dryness. Again, you may have a toe split if you use something that can cause allergic dermatitis.

How do you treat cracked skin under your toes?

Awareness helps the most to treat the cracked skin to split under toes. Avoid soaps, moisture, wet socks, tight shoes as much as possible. For a shallow crack, use Vaseline or antibiotic ointment if necessary. A liquid skin bandage is the best for deep cracks. Consult with a doctor if the cracks do not heal easily or get worse.

What is the fastest way to cure an athlete's foot between toes?

According to allopathic treatment, antifungal creams or lotions, or ointments can cure this problem fast. Though soap worsens the toe split, you have to wash the rash with antibiotic soap and water in this case. And do not apply any natural remedy without medical treatment. Tea tree oil, oregano oil, licorice, apple cider vinegar, fresh turmeric powder work perfectly for an athlete's foot.

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What is a toe fissure?

Toe fissure, or toe skin fissure, refers to the cracks and splits of the toe skin. Common places of toe fissures are the heel, the ball, and the middle of the toes of your feet. The lack of required moisture primarily causes skin to split under toes. Diabetes is another most important factor for toe fissures.

Is dry, cracked feet a sign of diabetes?

Diabetic people experience severe foot damage too. Diabetes hampers the nerves of the body. As a result, a diabetic patient loses the balance of oil and moisture in his or her feet. Consequently, lack of necessary natural moisture makes the patient's feet dry and rough. Thus, cracks occur; also, the foot skin starts to peel.

Conclusion on What Causes Skin To Split Under Toes

Toe skin is another sensitive area of our body. You may tolerate or overlook any pain or swelling, or rash between or under the toe area. But remember, overlooking will worsen the broken skin between toes. You can easily prevent split-toe skins by maintaining your toe health.

Stop doing things that welcome cracks and fissures. Keep your feet moisturized yet not beyond limits. Also, give adequate sunlight and air to your feet.

Be careful while using natural remedies to treat the split skin between toes. Generally, we think that anything natural is a blessing for our body. But this may not be the right decision. To be specific, always consult a skin specialist to know the right remedies and their dosage.

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