clarks chukka vs desert boot review

Chukka vs. Desert Boot

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Chukka vs. Desert Boot are two different boots that seem to be similar at first glance. They are two same-looking footwear that most of us fail to understand the differences between them. It is good to say that all desert boots are Chukkas, and not all Chukkas are desert boots.

These two terms, Desert and Chukka boots are used interchangeably, although there are a few differences between them. The Chukka boot uses 2 or 3 eyelet ankle boots made from 2 leather, while desert boots are a type of Chukka that share the same features but have a natural crepe rubber sole.

Our Favorite Chukka vs. Desert Boot

Top 4 Best Chukka vs. Desert Boot Reviews- 2021

Chukka boots

Chukka boots are boots with 2 or 3 eyeholes ankle-high boots. The boot’s top is slightly above the ankle, making them perfect for pairing to any outfit ranging from standard to length or cropped versions. Most of the chukkas have few eyelets to enable the lace up faster and easier.

It is good to mention that there are several chukka boots on the market, but they have similar features. In this article, we have discussed the two significant chukka boots in the market.

1. Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot

Clarks Men's Bushacre 2, Beeswax, 10.5 M US

Are you looking for the perfect boot that will match any outfit? Then worry not, Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 boot is the ideal solution for you. For more than 100 years, the boot has been in the market, and it has stood to be a trusted boot to work with. Besides the high quality, it offers you a great experience.


  • The boot is made of a full- grain leather sock liner that pushes the comfort of the feet. Its shaft measures 4.5 inches from the arch, a heel of 1 inch, and a platform of 0.25 inches; this stabilizes the boot.
  • The full- grain features a fabric lining which helps to make the boot look stylish and comfortable. The leather is strong and durable to provide the support and stability needed.
  • It also has two eyelets on each side of the tongue, something that is typical for many chukkas so that you can break in quickly.
  • It also features a cushioned insole that adds comfort to the feet. With this, you can wear it all day without getting fatigued.

What we like in the boot

  • It is made of full-grain leather
  • High-quality and durable rubber outsole
  • It can match any outfit
  • It comes in many colors

What we don’t like

  • The laces look too cheap
  • They are somehow wider 

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2. Rockport Men’s Classic Break Chukka Boot

Rockport Men's Classic Break Chukka Boot- Dark Brown Leather-10.5 M

Rockport is another high-quality Chukka boot that features an authentic sports technology design that is very comfortable. It has incorporated style and comfort. It is a boot that has used athletic technologies in casual boots that are lightweight and comfortable.


  • The classic Break Chukka is made of 100% leather on the upper and rubber sole, making them have a versatile style.
  • The premium leather or suede upper has a soft knit fabric lining that adds comfort to the boot. They make the boot have reduced fatigue all day.  They also have a heel cup and EVA footbed that conforms to the shape of the foot.
  • The rubber outsole has good traction that grips well the various surfaces. This makes it perfect for daily wear as they are ideal for all surfaces.
  • The leather and rubber sole material of the boot last for years and performs the task perfectly. The rubber sole is slip-resistant, absorbs shock, and provides additional comfort for normal walking.
  • It also features 3 eyelets on each side of the tongue, making it easy to lace up the boot. Its shaft is around 4.5 inches from the arch, and this makes the boot lightweight.

What we like

  • It is water- and slip-resistant
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • It is lightweight

What we don’t like

  • The quality is bad

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Desert boots

As we mentioned, all desert boots are Chukkas, but not all Chukkas are desert boots. The boot gained popularity during WWII when the war soldiers brought it home with them. They usually feature crepe rubber soles and a classic style with a light suede experienced in all leather.

They also feature flat laces, wide profile and unfinished edges. All these features improve the comfort of the boot. The crepe rubber sole is flexible, shock-absorbent, and resilient to high temperature because of its ability to break in with time. The two major desert boots include.

1. Clarks Men’s Desert Chukka Boot

Clarks Men's Desert Chukka Boot, taupe canvas, 10 Medium US

This is a unique designed boot that features natural materials that are strong and offers superior comfort in a style. The good thing with the boot is that you can use them anywhere with any style and still look appealing.


  • The Clarks desert men’s chukka boot features a crepe- sole that most British world war ii men wore. This material is strong enough to hold your weight.
  • The boot is also made from a suede leather that has a classic design. This upper material ensures that you are getting the best comfort you haven’t experienced with other boots before.
  • The boot has a shaft of 4.25 inches from the arch, a heel of 1 inch, and a platform of 0.5 inches. They make it possible to wear the boot all the season and throughout the day.
  • The stabilizing suede- lined heel counter in these boots is excellent, and it is not found in any other boots except with Chukkas.
  • The stitch- out construction that is installed in these boots makes them water-resistant. This makes them ideal to be used in even wet areas. The boots are designed in a way that they insulate the feet to a proper temperature.
  • The boots are lightweight as they weigh 3.44 pounds. Despite being lightweight, the material is sturdy enough and can last for an extended period.


What we like

  • Strong and durable suede leather
  • The crepe sole has an outstanding shock absorption
  • It has a soft crepe sole
  • The crepe outsole provides a strong grip
  • They are waterproof due to the stitch construction
  • It has a well stabilized suede-lined heel

What we don’t like

  • They are costly
  • The sole is prone to dirty easily

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2. Clarks Men’s Desert Boot 261382 Chukka

Clarks Men's Desert Chukka Boot, Chestnut Leather, 10 M US

This is another top-quality leather boot inspired by a crepe sole, just like the other desert boots. The boot gives you high-quality component features that don’t compromise quality. They feature a top leather and suede that provides supreme comfort to your feet.


  • It is made of full- grain leather on the upper and crepe sole. This makes the boot o more comfortable and remains in a stylish model for many years.
  • The shaft of the boot measures ankle-high from the arch. The heel has a height of 0.94 inches with a top circumference of 13.38 inches. This helps to make the boot be stable and support the feet.
  • The slip design of the boot makes it easy to take them off or put them on. It has two eyelets on each side of the tongue. This means that you can be more casual with them than the other boots.
  • The material features a cushioned footbed and fabric lining, which makes them very comfortable when wearing.

What we like

  • They are relatively cheap
  • Premium full-grain leather
  • Easy to break-in
  • Classic design that matches with a variety of outfits

What we don’t like

  • It is of poor quality

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Similarities between Chukka vs. Desert Boot

  • Both boots feature a similar classic silhouette consisting of material pieces, i.e., the vamp and quarter.
  • They all feature a rounded toe, and they hit mid of the ankle in both.
  • They are not made from breathable, unlined, or other materials.
  • They both feature eyelets of either two or three, making them easy to lace up.
  • Both boots feature superior outsoles that have excellent traction that doesn’t slip easily.

Difference between Chukka vs. Desert Boot

Chukka and desert boots seem to be similar, although there is some slight difference between the two. The desert boot tends to be lightweight, while Chukka is somehow heavy. This is because Desert boots tend to be unlined hence a floppier upper.

The other difference is the sole in the boots. Chukka boot features leather rubber soles with excellent traction, whereas Desert boots have Crepe Rubber soles that are good and are shock-absorbing. Some argue that desert boots also feature a suede leather upper.

Should you buy the Chukka vs. desert boot

The idea of which of the two you should buy is based on individual decisions. As we have seen, both boots tend to be similar, although they are not. With desert boots, they have a crepe sole made from layering latex rubber. This makes the sole to be gummy and heavy. The advantage of this is that they are flexible, have excellent shock absorption, and soften quickly.

On the other hand, chukka boots have lighter and modern rubber soles that can be used with any dress shoe. Despite that, they are lightweight, they are also durable, which most people will like to have. The boots are ideal if you spend a lot of time in a business on casual, you like lightweight boots if you want a less costly boot and if you want a stylish boot.

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